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Unit 3-05-06, Level 5, Tower 3, UOA Business Park, Jalan Pengaturcara U1/51A, Kawasan Perindustrian Temasya, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor

Our Story


Business as Usual for us and even more busier during this Pandemic crisis therefore we are expending now . Deal can conclude without face to face meetup due to our IT SUPPORT . ( Means STAY SAFE AT HOME & STILL BUILDING CAREER & INCOME AT THE SAME TIME )
We Believe that you can have your Ideal Career , Family ,Time freedom & Be Happy at the same time & all the TIME . MOST IMPORTANT this career  CRISIS PROVE .

We are all from different type of working experience but with same beliefs .We want to build our own career rather that got paid by building dream for other. 90 percent of us is Lady with the average age of 30-35 .

U feel that your job is full of uncertainty during this pandemic 
U feel that u don’t have control of your career
U think that you deserve better 
U always feel that u are Over Work & Underpay 
U feel that u want to take charge of your lifestyle, your yearly bonuses ,your family time & your me time 
Then we have same Mindset & U might be the one we’re looking FOR .
Be entrepreneur, be your own BOS & start up company is challenging that why If u want to have such rewards & lifestyle u have to be prepare to be different & change .

Different agency will have different culture and style , we are very strict on selection process & only consider FULL TIME candidate that eagerly want to achieve something in this meaningful LIFE .
U want fix salary 
U can’t take up challenge 
U think u can’t 
U want to ask about Part time 
U happy with your current career 
PLS DONT APPLY , Coz this career is not your cup or tea .

“Insanity : Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different Results.”         By Albert Einstein 


If you pass all the selection process and have officially join us. Congratulations u  will be glad coz U finally have a group of team members that encourage each other and fight towards the same GOAL & VISION . 
Therefore as a Team members we must all do our part to protect this POSITIVE & HAPPY environment of our agency . 
Not forgetting that Constant learning is vital in this industry so  LEARN , UNLEARN & RELEARN .
This is how we choose to LIVE EVERYDAY & CARE FOR EACH OTHER .

Not just a job but a fulfilling career with us!

Our Benefits


Heathy heart is happy heart . Every month we will have outdoor activity

Medical benefit

Rest , recharged for a better and longer journey with us

Chill time

Nice coffee on us .as long as you're happy

Our Jobs

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