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8-1-2 Menara Mutiara Bangsar, Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Riong, 59010 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Our Story


Whealer started off as a consulting company providing soft-skills training solutions since 2009. The direction we are heading towards is to provide the right training solutions to our clients, combining technical and soft skills.  Beginning in Malaysia, we have since expanded our services to businesses in Thailand and China. We wish to continue expanding our business to other parts of Asia such as Indonesia, Singapore, Philipines, Vietnam, Cambodia and India.

Our vision is that everyone trained by our programmes will have better income, lifestyle and happiness. Generally, we help raise capabilities in these areas:

  • Personal Development for a Motivated and Purposeful Workforce
  • Leadership Development for an Engaged and Organised Workforce
  • Effective Cost Management for a Thrifty Workforce
  • Team Effectiveness for a Cohesive Workforce
  • Communication Skills for an Expressive and Persuasive Workforce
  • Sales Competency Building for a Driven Salesforce
  • Professional Image and Branding for an Immaculate Workforce

Specifically for the life insurance agencies, we help our clients earn more and gain happiness by raising capabilities with these methods:

  • Strategic Thinking and Agency Business Planning
  • Agency Management Consulting
  • Sales and Leadership Coaching
  • Large Premium and High Net Worth Selling
  • Team Building and Motivation
  • Activity and Productivity Enhancer
  • Recruitment and Selection Workshop

We believe that in order to be the best in doing what we do, we must have strong core values to guide us, and it must be FAIR:

  • Forever placing customers first, employees second, and shareholders third
  • Appreciate the company of our colleagues and partners
  • Integrity is our basis of building trust and trustworthiness
  • Respect and celebrate differences to synergise


Its a Cliche but its true. One must be passionate about training, learning, development and helping others succeed. We believe strongly that...

Being Capable is Sexy

Therefore, we want capable people who wants to help others become more capable.While knowledge, qualifications, skills and experince are all important measurements, we prefer to assess people more heavily on these instead:

  • Young, expressive and fun
  • Motivated, energetic and driven
  • Versatile, flexible and adventurous
  • Creative, idealistic and practical
  • Patient, listening and understanding

We know that this is not a Jalan Sehala, it goes both ways. We strive to make sure that we provide the right conditions for awesome results to happen...

  • Formal, on the job, simulation training (since we provide this as a solution to our clients, there is no reason why we won't do it for the Whealerians)
  • Flexible, result-based, work-life-balanced environment (we want the people attending our training to be happy, we want our people to be happy too)

Come join us now!

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