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Our Office

Our Address

C-20-13, Level 20, De Centrum Tower, Jalan Ikram-Uniten, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, MALAYSIA

Our Story


Our goal is simple - to our clients
 businesses ahead of the game.

Inspired by industry leaders and mentors, our founder envisioned a company driven by excellence and innovation. Keen to create an ecosystem that thrives on this culture, Valse has grown to encompass strengths of its partners and continues to advance on a path of growth.

 We not only seek to enable businesses to be equipped technologically, but also to the advance their business through innovative solutions. We work closely with experts and specialists across different fields. From design to branding, from UX to mobile apps, from digital operations to e-commerce, we have it covered.
 In the era of Information and globalisation, your business reach has the potential to transcend traditional boundaries and limitations. It is the perfect time to work with us to bring your business growth to a wide reach. If you are ready, we can't wait to hear from you today.


If you want to pursue your passion in a fun, dynamic and challenging environment, this is the place for you. Valse encourages growth and innovation with talents. This is where you can push yourself to the limit and enjoy the satisfaction of your achievements. Join our pool of professionals and be a part of the development team who developed many pioneer solutions that enhanced many businesses from more than 20 industries.

Ahead of our industry peers, Valse now owns a proprietary PHP framework, online web payment solution, integrated SMS platform and ecommerce framework. Just like our solutions, we believe in practicality and flexibility.

Our Benefits

Going Regional

We are gearing for expansion to our regional neighbours. If you are one of our top stars, you could find yourself working with an international team.

Global Customers

We build stuff for many well known brands. Don't be surprised to find yourself taking on a critical role in a project of a high profile client.

Direct Channel to Management

Have a feedback? Shoot. Have a problem? Make it known. Nothing is below the carpet, we practice open, healthy and direct communication.

Career Track Designed for Growth

The sky is the limit. Our track is built for you to make an impact. If you can grow fast and promote fast, why not?

3-Month Mentoring

90 days mentoring by our key developers (or even our founder who built the company's technology base, if you are lucky!)

Going High Tech

Be part of the team to build our base PHP framework has been used to build Marketplaces, Chat Apps and other great products.

Our Jobs

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