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Seksyen 51a, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Our Story


Valiantlytix is driven by the vision of becoming an enabler of innovation that is impactful to society, through intelligent insights that are elicited from business and social data. We strive to help organisations navigate through the digital journey (digitization, digitalization and digital transformation) towards becoming data-driven organisations. 


To become an enabler of innovation, we are building a working environment that encourage and value creativity. We work with people from all sorts of background and skills. We strive in a fast-paced environment by being supportive and creative. Our team spirit hold us together, in and out of the workplace. 

Our Benefits

Simple Dress Code

Be at home, simple, easy.

Innovative and Creative Culture

Platform to turn ideas into reality

Flexible Working Hours

Flexibility to adjust working hours best optimized to personal and company routines

Our Jobs

There are no jobs available at the moment.

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