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Urban & Hawk

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Our Office

Our Address

10 Boulevard, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Our Story


We are Urban & Hawk, an E-commerce company mainly serving customers in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia. 


Take a moment to imagine the fun experience you have working on your university/high school club and society projects, that's the culture we have right here. No traditional-old-school office hierarchy vibes. 

The team works toward a common goal and have fun along the way. We take pride to be high performing individuals, excelling in our work.

You'll get to learn and experience how cutting edge e-commerce is being done, and play around with office pets while doing it!  

We care about 3 things: 
1. Do you have strong work ethics? 
2. Can you deliver the results needed? 
3. Do you like memes?  

Our Benefits

Monthly Bonuses

We strongly believe that the team should be rewarded when the company does well! We double your pay on days we hit targets! DOUBLE! Seriously.

Nice Working Hours

Sick and tired of waking up early, traveling during rush hours just to go to work? We start the day around 11am! :)

Challenging Work

We're competing with large sellers in top tier counties so we always strive for excellence! You get to learn and experience new generation marketing!

Annual Company Holiday

We would love to go on our next company holiday with you during the end of this year! :D

New Company Laptop

All new hire gets their own laptop! High-end fast ones, of course! We all hate working with laggy computers don't we? :)

Free Parking

Cause who doens't like free parking? :)

Our Jobs

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