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N-2-13A, Pusat Perdagangan Kuchai, No. 2, Jalan 1/127, Off, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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We believe the key to a great buying experience is to understand what are the needs of our customers & how can we add values for them, hence we started our licensed real estate agency, The Great Haus in 18th September 2018 with that core intention in mind. 
With a current team of more than 500 combined both in east and west Malaysia, we work very closely with top-notch developers in the industry to bring the best products & services to home-buyers across the country, be it for own stay or investment. 
The Great Haus team is a passionate, dynamic, innovative and fun-loving family. With big dreams and a grand mission, we’re looking for great like-minded people to join us - people who are as fearless and entrepreneurial. If you’re looking for a dynamic, no corporate-BS environment to learn, grow, and really make an impact, we are more than welcome to have you as part of our big family!

我们认为,获得优质购买体验的关键是要了解客户的需求以及如何为他们增加价值,因此我们秉承这一核心宗旨,于2018年9月18日成立了我们的持牌房地产代理商The Great Haus 。
Great Haus团队是一个充满热情,充满活力,创新和爱好的家庭。带着远大的梦想和宏伟的使命,我们正在寻找志同道合的优秀人才加入我们-无所畏惧和富有创业精神的人们。如果您正在寻找一个动态的,没有企业BS的环境来学习,发展并真正产生影响,我们非常欢迎您加入我们的大家庭!


 The Great Haus is a licensed real estate agency based in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Formed in 2018, our agency’s core business is the provision of services which caters to our client’s unique needs namely in residential, commercial and industrial which includes land for various usage. Our team of consultants will streamline communications with property owners, tenants, developers and investors in selling, purchasing and leasing of commercial and non-commercial properties in the most effective manner. In a year, we grew our team to 500 (and counting) great talents who are capable negotiators, building and nurturing business relationships for both clients and customers. We work closely with top-notch developers in the industry to bring the best products and services, be it for own stay or investment, to home-buyers in Malaysia

Great Haus是一家总部位于马来西亚首都吉隆坡的持牌房地产经纪公司。该机构成立于2018年,主要业务是提供满足客户独特需求的服务,包括住宅,商业和工业用地,其中包括各种用途的土地。我们的顾问团队将以最有效的方式简化与业主,租户,开发商和投资者的交流,以买卖,购买和租赁商业和非商业房地产。在一年的时间里,我们将团队扩大到500名(并且还在不断增加)优秀的人才,他们有能力进行谈判,能够为客户和客户建立和培养业务关系。我们与业界一流的开发商紧密合作,为马来西亚的购房者提供最佳的产品和服务,无论是住宿还是投资。

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