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2-17-18, Tower 2, Mcity Ampang , Off Jalan Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Our Story


Tams Idea is a creative agency that produces and helps most SME companies on branding & marketing as well as helping them to overcome challenges. Knowing that the Internet has become one of the human needs, we also provide business development consultation services in line with the current technology and requirements. 

Digital advertising? Social Media Marketing? Visual Creative Production? You name it! Our team consists of amazing and unique personalities and mostly are these talented Gen Z which are always full of surprises! As a Malaysian based creative agency focused on digital platforms, we thrive to be the best to fulfill the need for creativity in marketing grows. So come on in and join us onboard!


We are passionate to work with a purpose that will serve the best for the people.

You matter to us. They say people are who connected to their passion walks with a purposeful stride can be spotted from a mile away. 

Today, we realized that together, we can make dreams came true. We believe that we can make it a reality. Throughout the journey, we want to be inspired & to inspire, and mainly to beautify life.

Being the truest to our craft, we made things possible for you.
Let your passion guide your purpose to be the best of you, with us!

Our Jobs

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