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Our Office

Our Address

Co-labs Coworking The Starling Plus Level 4, Uptown, 7, Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Our Story


Our culture

Coffee, Fashion, and sustainability.
Do these words pique your interest?
Let’s have coffee! You probably fit in with us!

We are an Australian lifestyle brand that creates and manufactures award winning products.
Our hope is to build a more sustainable/eco-friendly future through fashion and lifestyle.

Check us out!

It all starts here in our think-tank, from saying a word to a click of a button, every move we make is an effort to  reach out to the world. And we do that through our message and products. 

Act Local, Think Global. 
Our home ground may be Malaysia, but we’re also in Australia, in the States, in Europe .,. at any point of time. We need to know how each culture is uniquely distinct, and in turn what can we do to unite them tomorrow. 

Sustainability reinvented. 
We are a brand with a vision to "Redesign Sustainability”. Over the course of 2 short years, more than 15 countries have decided to jump on board with us!

We love reinventing ‘BIG’ ideas, we challenge, argue, question and continuously push each other to learn what a sustainable future could look like. Who know? You could bring in a thought that changes the game completely, and we want to hear it.


 It's a big vision, a long journey, and a pretty high calling. 
A big part of what makes our team so highly functional is our shared value system. 
If you think you might be up for this, are you: 

1. Family oriented externally and internally
2. Figure out what you don't know in your own role
3. Play your role/position and look out for your members
4. Always stand from customer point of view
5. Be accountable to our own goals

Sounds like you? Great! We can’t wait to meet you. 

Our Benefits

Team of Passion

Our business started with an ethos, from brand to product. Every member of the team has one vision, that is to redesign sustainability, together.

Global Exposure

You will be challenged to learn cultures from different countries, continents. The world is not that big from our eyes, and we intend to conquer it!

Strong Team/Family Culture

We strongly believe in investing in team culture, in people. Every individual that has joined us shares 1 very common thing, the company values.

Our Jobs

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