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Our Office

Our Address

No. 16-2, Block B, Zenith Corporate Park, Jalan SS 7/26, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Our Story


We believe in contributing to the development of civilization by empowering consumers to make wiser and informed purchasing decisions. By tapping into the power of technology and education, we aim to be a brand that empowers our customers first.


Our values stem from 5 core principles. These preferred values are abstracted from our founder and co-founder as they believe that the company’s success stems from the understanding, commitment and daily execution of these values.

Honesty, Transparency and Integrity
We do things the right way because we believe in the long-term. There’s no point to lie or cheat. Eventually these become obvious patterns that will negatively affect how the world sees us. 

Balance between Perfection and Efficiency
These two forces, although contradictory, are crucial to the execution of our mission. Learn to use perfection and efficiency when needed. One helps with quality, and the latter helps with delivery.

Heartfelt Accountability
We believe responsibility stems from our inner being. KPIs might be there to guide us towards our goals, but we do not wish it to be the main driving force. Build deeper relationships with your peers, so that we may learn to be accountable together.

The Spirit of Innovation
Our brand lives and breathes on innovation. Learn to learn. Challenge the normal. Get out of your comfort zone. Focus on solving problems - there are always new and creative ways to every issue.

Next-Level Customer Experience
In all industries, customer service is important. But we’re different. We do more in terms of communication, sincerity, and service. The goal isn’t to sell - it is to help them make better purchasing decisions with customer experience as our priority.

Our Benefits

Direct Communication

Communicate to anyone without worrying about getting permissions or hierarchy. We believe in transparent, respect and an open culture.

Pantry of SNACKS

Love a snack or a drink? Put it on the wishlist and it'll appear in our pantry of SNACKS

Self Improvement Time

Freedom to make use 10% of your time in the office to learn new skills, as long as it fits into our vision.

Performance Based Culture

We are looking for performers that are looking to outperform themselves! Get promoted to the next level when you're hitting your milestones!

Interchange Roles

Change your roles based on your interests, attitudes and skillsets as you go along.

Flexible Working Hours

Work flexibly as long as job requirements are met. We trust that you will deliver your tasks in hand without abusing flexibility.

Our Jobs

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