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Sea Fresh Enterprise

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Our Office

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19, Jalan Aman 1, Taman Aman, 45700 Bukit Rotan, Selangor, Malaysia

Our Story


Sea Fresh is founded for the very reason to provide Malaysian with the freshest seafood possible. We came from a 4th generation wholesale fishery background. Throughout the past 30 years, our experience tells us that many Malaysians struggle to find fresh and cheap seafood source. Therefore, we’ve decided to provide seafood directly from Fishermen to Malaysians through Sea Fresh. 

What makes us so different is that we provide on demand services for your seafood. Our staff hand pick each seafood  then scale, gut, clean and vacuum packed. Lastly, we flash freeze the seafood to ensure that it is preserved at its freshest state. 

With all that’s mentioned, come and try out our seafood. We are proud and excited to be serving the Malaysian community knowing that our clients will receive fresh seafood to satisfy their tastebuds.


We are a young startup with a lot of drive and hunger to build the next supply chain to solve global food crisis for the next 50 years starting with seafood. We are at a phase of rapid growing and are looking for talented individuals to join our family as we grow from a small shop to a factory then to a global brand name listed in stock market.

With that in mind, we are putting a lot of effort and emphasis on our product and services. Opportunities for growth in a long term perspective is definitely presented to the ones that are both honest and competent. 

Our Benefits

Professional Growth

Looking for personal & professional growth? Working with us will not disappoint you! Expect to hustle hard, refine your skills, and try something new.

Casual Dresscode

Dress in whatever you're comfortable to work in. T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers are our all-time favourite combination.

Career Progression

We emphasise on work efficiency and effectiveness. We promote high performers

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