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17a, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our Story


Trace the lines of your skin. 

As minuscule as your fingerprints, as vague as the tan lines, the creases on your fingers, the scars on your knee. These are the lines that tells us a story of you.

As delicate as the lines that wraps around our skin, so should our skincare too. These precious storylines should be taken care of with only natural ingredients.

To remedy our skin is to return to the ground where our roots grow, extracting only natural elements from the earth, grain and sand to nurture the skin.

Root Remedies is a Malaysian skin care brand dedicated on bringing high quality, natural, minimal products for all.



Unless explicitly stated in the product description:

  1. All oils used in our products designed to be applied directly on the skin are minimally processed. Minimally processed oils retain most of their natural nutrients and active ingredients. This means none of the oils used in our products are bleached, deodorized, or solvent extracted (extracted using chemicals.
  2. All scents from our products come from natural sources such as essential oils or plant extracts. 
  3. All of our washes/soaps (face, body, and hair) are "true soaps", and created from high quality oils. True soaps are made by reacting oils with an alkaline base in a process called saponification. 
  4. None of our washes/soaps contain any synthetic detergents or foaming agents.
  5. All our products contain no unnecessary synthetic ingredients or preservatives. In the case where it is required for product safety, quality, or experience, we will only use synthetics that are gentle to the skin in minimal quantities. 
  6. All our products consist of up to at least 90% natural ingredients. In no case now or in the future will our products have a natural to synthetic ratio of more than 9:1.

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