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Rocket Data Technology

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12, Solok Raja Lumu, Kawasan 12, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

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We believe in a strong integration of new technology and process improvement with the traditional manufacturing paradigm. Our IT/software consulting business unit is helping manufacturing factories towards industries 4.0 (also called the Fourth Industrial Business ), collecting large amount of real time and accurate data from machines, using the data for management, forecasting and optimization.

Our team has background in manufacturing in Mainland China, Hong Kong and South-East Asia, and more than 20 years of the experience in the software industry in the Silicon Valley, USA. By combining our knowledge in manufacturing with the latest  technologies (Cloud Computing,LoT devices,Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data,Web & Mobile App etc), we transform our clients to smart manufacturing at an affordable price.


We offer competitive remuneration and benefits, a great, flexible and lively work environment, and the option to learn and pick up a wide variety of experience and skills through the company modernization and digitalization.
You will find opportunities to develop your professional career in a challenging environment that recognizes and rewards excellent performance.
We look for outstanding individuals with passion for taking on challenges. If that's you, then come join our highly integrated and forward thinking organization.

Rocket Data Technology

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