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Rhymba Hills

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Our Office

Our Address

No. 23 & 23-1, Jalan Bulan BZ U5/BZ, Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Sek U5, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Our Story


It started with health crisis. Due to work stress, the founder was facing poor health and low self-esteem. This went on for a few years, until the founder decided to take charge of things. 

While searching, she discovered herbal infusion. Why herbal infusion? The founder is caffeine intolerant, and wanted something caffeine free. Fast forward, it changed her life, lost 18kg in 9 months and making it her mission to spread the word, to eat healthily and practice healthy lifestyle (as many, especially female, struggle with weight, poor health and poor self esteem) 

At Rhymba Hills Tea, we only use 100% natural ingredients like lemongrass, pandan, Bentong Ginger, etc and we source the ingredients as local as possible, to support the farmers. 

All of our range are caffeine free, sugar free and they taste great and smell great too! 

Since incorporating the company in 2014, we have sold more than 1 million sachets, helped many customers to have better sleep, better digestion and managed their weight and blood sugar level, amongst other health improvements 


We Are Adventurous, Creative and Open Minded 
We always strive to be ahead of the pack, thus, always open and creative. Dare to be different! 

We Think Customers 
Customers are the reason why we exists. Always be in touch with customers and get feedback 

We Do The Right Thing
We only use the best natural ingredients possible, no artificial colouring, flavouring 

We Are One Team  
We are a family, where we emphasis on positive company culture. We also emphasis that we are here to carry out meaningful, purposeful tasks 

We Are Passionate and Determined  
Passion and determination are the fuels to drive us to where we are today. All business have challenges, and these 2 values will see us through until we reach our goals, no matter what 

We Care 
Part of the proceeds of our sales, we donate to the less fortunate segment of the community, particularly to the education sector 

We Practice Humility 
No one knows everything and humility will allow us to always embrace that there is always room for improvement

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Our Benefits


When we achieve goals, we celebrate!


We encourage each and every member of our team to express ideas. There are always better ways to doing things

Work Life Balance

Our office hours are 9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday. We encourage you to spend weekends with your family and loved ones.

Career Growth

We want to provide a platform where you can utilise the best of your talents!

Travel Opportunities

We are penetrating overseas marketing, thus, there are opportunities to travel overseas

Unlimited Herbal Infusion

Enjoy unlimited refills of herbal infusion, each time you are at work

Our Jobs

There are no jobs available at the moment.

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