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Protenga Sdn Bhd (1266069-U) 204, Jalan Ekoperniagaan 6, Taman Ekoperniagaan 2, Senai Airport City, 81400 Johor

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We develop data-driven Insect Technology that enables a circular economy for food waste and produces best-in-class, sustainable Insect Products for aquaculture, pet food and organic farming. Our intensive insect farming systems drive necessary change in the global food supply chain. 

For the environment, the potential of turning insects into feedstock is vast. Our world faces a 60-billion-tonne protein food shortage by 2030, and around one-third of all food is wasted. Currently, livestock, aquaculture and pets are mainly fed with unsustainable fishmeal and cash crops like corn and soy. Insects offer a natural alternative that requires less land, water and food compared to other feed ingredients. Protenga’s unique zero waste approach transforms larvae excrements and fly exuviae into high-quality bio-fertiliser. 

Protenga is now ramping up production of its insect-based products, conducting cutting-edge genetic research, and taking its decentralised Smart Insect Farm model, which transforms agricultural and food waste into valuable products, to waste owners around Asia. 

In partnership with Roslin Technologies, a world leader in animal genetics & agri-sciences, Protenga is embarking on research to identify genetic insect strains that will further improve bioconversion performance in its Smart Insect Farm systems. The work will be carried out at Roslin Technologies’ soon-to-be-completed bespoke genetic nucleus facility near Edinburgh, Scotland. 

For more information, visit our website: or email us at [email protected]


At Protenga, we rethink insect farming and we're Making Insects Work For You. We partner across the value chain to deliver the most impact with our decentralised Smart Insect Farm. Our system overcomes cost and sustainability pitfalls of centralised mega insect factories.

We're growing what our food eats (the best, nutritious food), and we're managing what happened to our food pre-consumer - right at its source. 

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