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Propsell Properties SDN BHD

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1, Jalan Merbah 3, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Our Story


PROPSELL is an End-to-End Property Advertising Platform. We focus a lot on transparency and convenience for owners, buyers, landlord and tenants. A one stop station were everyone can buy, sell, let and rent a property. PropSell connects owners to buyers, or landlord to tenants directly. We believe that our innovation is the "next big thing".

"Why pay 2%? When you can pay none." - 1st in Malaysia. We think that conventional agents have been charging too much, for some time. Hence, we at PropSell is eliminating this tradition of the property market by changing the way we work. We only charge a one-time fixed advertising fee, regardless of whether you’re selling a multi-million ringgit bungalow, or a practical condominium unit. 
By removing the money-driven commission structure out of the picture, we provide better service for a much better price. 


We at PropSell are young individuals trying to make a change in the property industry in Malaysia. We emphasize a lot on independent individuals with creativity and responsibility. Outstanding efforts are highly valued, recognized and rewarded. Join us for the revolution of the next big thing. Just do it, why not?

Our Benefits


Let's go through our journey together. Become a better person for yourself and the community.

Speak Up

Any questions? Just ask. Any opinions? Just say. Any new ideas? Just speak.

Work Hard, Play Harder

We work hard but we party hard too !

Work Together, Earn Together

We work as a team, a family. We earn, you earn too. Win-Win situation.

Be Part Of Our Team


Let's Change Together

It's 2020' , not 1970' . It is time for a change.

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