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C315, Centre Wing, Metropolitan Commerce Square, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Our Story


Amidst today’s uncertain global political and economic climate, where you put your money matters. With the frequencies of hyperinflation crises arising globally coupled with debt crisis everywhere, people are resorting to various alternatives of preserving their wealth. With the historical universality of gold and silver enduring different types of economic crisis, they are undeniably the best form of protection against any form of economic uncertainties out there, at all-time and all places. 

Born in the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis, Nubex was founded the following year in 2009 inspired by the founders’ readings and erudition on the topic of precious metals as a form of alternative currencies, establishing Nubex as a realization of their passion. 

Outpacing its competitors in this niche market with its tech-savvy online trading platform as well as selling products of other minters and its own at a very competitive price, Nubex has carved itself a reputation as one of the most sought-after bullion traders in the country.

Today, headquartered in Damansara Perdana, Nubex is 20 plus staffs strong and are always on the lookout for rare talents out there to help it grow bigger and realize all of its dreams! 


At Nubex, we are inspired by long-established world class companies that focus on grooming every single one of their staffs to the best of his/her capacity. Well, just like a famous football club where the needs and wants of our staffs are taken care of in order to achieve maximum level of productivity!

Being a start-up, we believe efficiency trumps everything else. With big projects and plans constantly welcomed and adopted, one should adapt to a working culture that prioritizes maximum level of efficiency in all aspects. 

We believe in order to achieve maximum efficiency, one should be allowed to feel comfortable and relaxed in one’s environment. So, no worries, yes you may come in your casual wear and crocs, as long as that help you in completing your tasks! 

We pride ourselves in a casual working environment that engenders respect, trust and care for one another. With numerous collective activities being held such as potlucks, hiking, language classes, entertainment sessions, we might be mistaken as a small, loud and happy family!  

If you’re seeking for a dynamic, open and casual working environment, know that Nubex’s door is always open! 

Our People

I believe that Nubex is the first ever platform in South East Asia or perhaps in the world for buyers to buy and sell gold or silver. In Nubex, buyers have the freedom to set their own ideal price and when to sell it.


Our founders love employees who are not just aware of their own capabilities but also to use those capabilities at the maximum capacity and go beyond what you can do.

Farah Damia
HR Executive

Our vision here in Nubex are to come up with a single global money which using gold and silver as the currency.

Afaf Hulma
Special Officer to CEO

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