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KinderJoy Education Group

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Our Office

Our Address

Level 16, Nucleus Tower, Mutiara Damansara, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Our Story


KinderJoy Education Group is a multi-award winning preschool with more than 20 years of experience in early childhood education, nurturing over 8000 students and is one of the pioneers in providing early childhood education in Malaysia. KinderJoy has since become a household name in early childhood education and has achieved many milestones to this day. 

Our academic team are our main assets! We invest heavily ontraining and workshops, constantly upgrading and equipping our team to stay relevant with the current pedagogy, as we value the professionalism and quality of our team.
Our Career Acceleration Programme too,allows room for growth to ensure a successful career path with the company, providing equal opportunities to each employee to develop to their full potential. 
The stability of our company is evident as we expand and work with more partners who are passionate about bringing quality education to benefit more communities across the country. KinderJoy’sprogramme is a solid framework and a business model which has proven to be robust over the years. 

The core values and culture of our organisation is key in driving the company forward in the right direction.Join us now and you could be part of this exciting family! 


1. Strong Healthy Relationship Among Peers
We are a very close knitted team of individuals and practice very close relationships with our colleagues. KinderJoy functions as a family unit, and this is what we pride ourselves in.  

2. Teamwork and Unity
The company highly values teamwork spirit. To achieve greatness, teamwork and unity is an important part of the key factors that drive us to become a successful organisation. 

3. A Practice of Gratitude 
We constantly strive to achieve this practice of appreciation with our peers and colleagues. At KinderJoy, we appreciate you!

4. Bringing the Best out of You 
Our mentors who have been with us for more than 20 years,will ensure you that you are guided every step of the way, ever ready to bring out the best in you!

5. Various Opportunities 
A lifetime of experiences and endless opportunities await you! Helping you unlock your full potential. We provide workshops and training to learn and acquire new skills through our programmes and learning resources. 

Our People

We practice very strong relationships with our colleagues. We have a very close knitted team of what we pride ourselves to be, the KinderJoy family. It is the strong unity and bonding that has held us all together steadfastly over the years through thick and thin.

Executive Director

As a school, we view teachers as the greatest asset of the company and we invest heavily in them in terms of training and development. So whenever we encounter courses or trainings that are suitable for the teachers, we will be willing to send them with all expenses paid by us.

Poh Yoke
Centre Director

As soon as you step into the school, the environment itself is very positive. You have your positive colleagues around you - they're open, they're easy to communicate, they're very transparent and easy to work with and also the children - that's the best part!

Ms Quiraisha

Our Benefits

Paid Workshops & Trainings

Learn up new skills to your advantage as we send you for workshops and trainings without a worry as all expenses are paid for!


Scholarships given to further continue your pursuit in Early Childhood Education for diploma, degree and even masters!

Mentoring & Priceless Experiences

Gather amazing experiences and learn from the best as we have mentors with years of experience who will guide you through your journey with us!

Awesome Teammates

At KinderJoy, we're a big happy family. We work solely based on teamwork. As the saying goes teamwork makes the dream work!

Solid Lesson Plans and Guidelines

Our lesson plans have been panned out and structured accordingly following the the guidelines of the MOE for over 20 years!

Self Improvement Time

Freedom to experiment with the skills learnt at classes with a proper guideline to follow!

Our Jobs

There are no jobs available at the moment.

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