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 We are an eCommerce company that virtually works around the clock. We have staff from the United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, Malaysia, and more. 

We currently manage 5 of our own eCommerce brands and we are looking to expand further more. Our eCommerce business is not limited to just 1 country. We sell our products across the globe. We have partners spread out in places to support and allow us to sell products worldwide. 

We value talent more than anything and we are not willing to let any talented people slip.

Include your favorite movie if you read the entire description. 


 We highly value KPIs and results as they speak for themselves. They are the best tool to measure skills and abilities. 

We believe in frequent brainstorming and open communications with the whole team. We believe in training and development of all team members. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work.

This is not for you if you:

  • Are a negative person
  • Are irresponsible
  • Are afraid to make mistakes
  • Are afraid to speak up
  • Don't have confidence in your own skill
  • Don’t have the desire to grow

It’s a delight to us when we work with people who are extremely talented and go above and beyond!

If you think this is you, you're more than welcome to join us!

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Contract Based

Tax Free Salary

Work at home

You can work at anywhere in the world, don't have to go to the same office every single day.


Don't have to work 9 -5

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