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29-03A, Tower A, Pinnacle PJ, Jalan Utara C, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Our Story


GM ACQUISITION has been partnering with one of the leading sales and marketing organizations in the world today. We are proud to work with a huge network of 2500 independent contractors across more than 100 locations in 7 countries.


To educate and improve the skill-set of our marketing teams that are capable of capturing growth opportunities under any possible situation, condition or circumstances for our clients to increase their market share and better their positioning.


To provide an equal integrated platform for entrepreneurs to cooperate and support each other, while upholding the integrity, sincerity, and loyalty of the Organisation. #gmfamily #TGO


We represent national and multinational companies from a wide spectrum of industries in delivering dynamic sales and marketing solutions through face-to-face communications with the public.

#1 Human Commercial
Whether it is events marketing or business marketing, we are experts when it comes to communicating and reaching out to our customers face-to-face, on behalf of clients. The Human Commercial™ ensures that individuals are engaged in two way conversations about their needs and requirements with the ability to make the choice that is right for them with the peace of mind they're talking with a fellow human being and not a smartphone application, website or automated call center. Our professional independent contractors are able to answer questions right there and then and explain the features and benefits of what the customer is buying.

#2 Proactive Brand Awareness
We do not wait for our customers to reach us, we reach out to them. We introduce the brand, and enhance the value of the brand we represent, by presenting face-to-face through the below-the-line method of advertising.

Our Benefits


The quality of the team is defined by the quality of each individual of the team. To us, constant improvement is the key!

Great Teamwork

Here, we place very high importance on teamwork, no one gets left behind, because we always progress together.


We believe in equality, to us we are all of the same making, regardless of race, or belief.

Our Jobs

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