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Fire Fighter Industry Sdn Bhd

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Sungai Way Free Trade Industrial Zone, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Our Story


To Fireproof Malaysia through our vast range of products. 
We understand that fire safety isn't the "hottest" issue out there - and that's a problem. Fire doesn't happen all the time, heck, it might not even happen to you in a lifetime. But once it does, its affects are often deadly. Our goal is to fireproof a nation, and to do that, we need to equip the citizens of Malaysia with the right tools and skills. With our recent collaboration with Grab, you can rest assure that every Grab driver is now equipped with a fire extinguisher. Now it's time to empower them. 


To question everything and anything - even our superiors. We hinder the "do what you're told" culture so if you're looking for a job where you are given jobs without a reason, this is not the company for you. We believe in the saying "To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together". Hence expect collaboration with your teammates and we're always here for a helping hand. We have daily rundowns to discuss ideas, what we've learned so we can fix ourselves for the better, quick. Think of us of a startup with a 45 year experience in the industry.

Our People
The team will be led by a young, energetic individual with experience living and working in Silicon Valley - the heart of innovation of the world. We work hard, and play hard.( We have an ongoing ping-pong tournament) We have over 140 employees in the company with very loyal and experienced employees - our longest serving employee has been with the company for over 38 years. With their expertise, coupled with the bright young minds in the new team, expect quick growth in the company.  

Our Story

Our Benefits

Magical Pantry of Snacks

Love Oreos and Super Rings? Put it on the wishlist and it'll appear in our magical pantry of snacks

No dress code

Shorts? Check. Slippers? Check. Come in however you like, just make sure to wear clothes!

Self improvement time

Freedom to make use 10% of your time in the office to learn new skills, as long as it fits into our vision.

Work hard, play hard

We have a chillax + gaming area in our office for when you need to relax or indulge in some competitive gaming with other employees.

Music During Workhours!

Everyone should be happy and engaged at work, and listening to music we like definitely helps!

Flexible work hours

We don't have a punchcard mentality. We trust that you will deliver your tasks without abusing our flexibility.

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