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Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd

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Our Office

Our Address

1-18-8, Suntech @ Penang Cybercity, Lintang Mayang Pasir 3, Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Our Story


Exabytes ( is a leading website hosting and cloud service provider in Southeast Asia that was founded on the principle of providing the best hosting solutions and other related services to its customers. Started from a one-man company in 2001, the Exabytes Group today consists of several subsidiaries/brands, namely Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd, Exabytes Network (Singapore) Sdn Bhd, Exabytes Cloud Sdn Bhd, Domain Plus, HostPro2u, the Singapore based USONYX Pte Ltd, Signetique IT Pte Ltd, Cybersite Pte Ltd, Clever Internet Pte Ltd, and more. 

The group’s unique company culture:

  • Creativity and Breaking Conventions

  • Flexibility, Openness & Transparency

  • Daring and Absolute Teamwork

  • Adventurous, Fun and Ready to Serve

  • Light-hearted and Casual Working Environment


If there are words to describe work, to many people, they are likely to be “boring”, “tedious”, “tension”, “forced”, etc… (omit 100 negative words). Forget about the traditional “Law of Working”! At Exabytes, we believe work should be fun and passionate.

Ours is the Corporate Culture that Celebrates:

  • The Same Value Set - Customers First
As a service-oriented company, Exabytes espouses one service maxim for all of us: Our products might not be 100% perfect, but we guarantee that we will serve our customers until they are 100% satisfied. No matter if it is Customer Service, Technical, Business Development or Design, we have the same value set - that customer is always first.

  • Respect and Trust
While we at Exabytes treat each other with respect all the time, we never forget to remind ourselves to always treat our customers the same because without customers, Exabytes will have no reasons to exist. With the strong conviction, our top priority is always to treat our customers with the highest respect. Moreover, we believe that when respect is in place, customer trust will automatically be enhanced.

  • Initiative and Always Do More Than Is Required
At Exabytes, we believe that we should take the initiative to do more than what is expected by the customer. A very good example is that our customer service and technical support team who often offer extra assistance and suggestions to the issues experienced by customers even though their requests are beyond the scope of our services.

  • Creative and Breaking Conventions
No matter it’s in terms of products design, packages and plans, customer service, Customer Reward Program, delivery of services, we at Exabytes always incorporate creativity into everything we do, especially in serving our valued customers.

  • Light-Hearted and Casual Working Environment
It’s true that at Exabytes managers and subordinates behave like friends rather than superiors and subordinates, and it is common for subordinates to joke or poke fun at managers or even the CEO and vice versa outside the meeting room or on Facebook. It’s a very light-hearted working environment, with no undertones of Authoritarianism.

Our Activities
Here is the great opportunity for you to join us to learn, create, grow and have fun while getting paid.
Relaxed but professional environment.
  • Friendly colleagues.
  • Company outings
  • Medical benefit.
  • Gym and Sauna facilities.
  • In-house pool table and game room.
  • 17″ – 19″ LCD monitor for all terminals.
  • Dual View Monitors for all technical team members.
  • Attractive prizes for staff competition.
  • Free coffee, tea and snacks provided in pantry.

Our Benefits

Laptop & monitor

-17″ – 19″ LCD monitor for all terminals. -Dual View Monitors for all technical team members.

Free coffee, tea and snacks

Free coffee, tea and snacks provided in pantry

Medical benefit

Medical benefit will be provided to all staffs

Our Jobs

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