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Our Office

Our Address

20, Jalan PJS 11/18, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Our Story


We’re a modern farming company growing sustainable, pesticide-free produce with love, and tech.
Having dipped our hands into the soils of traditional farming, we learnt the harsh realities of the industry. Unpredictable weather, environmental damage, poor bottom-line for farmers, and foods with harmful additives cannot be the status quo. 
So, we reimagined farming. Driven by technology-enabled measures and a relentless emphasis on sustainability, we came up with a new bottom-line: Safe food for all.

Our Mission

1. Food that’s good in every way, for everyone
Our mission is to make safe, nutritious, and delicious food affordable and accessible.

2. See right through us
We practice transparent and traceable farming because it’s important to us that you know where your food comes from.

3. Just as nature gives, we give back
Our precision farming methods minimise land degradation, wastage, and carbon emissions.

4. You cultivate, you eat
We provide fair land compensation and jobs to the marginalised communities who live nearby our farms.


1. We grow food.
Not just any food, but good quality food that tastes good, nourishes the body, and honours the environment.

2. Food, and job security.
If you have Asian parents like us, then you would have been told to study Business or Finance because those things won’t fail. But guess what, they do. Food and agriculture, however, are always in demand. Our farms are future-proofed to provide both food and job security.

3. Make an impact.
Current generations are ditching the agricultural industry in favour of office jobs. But you can have your cake carrot and eat it too. Cultiveat’s modern farming tech makes farming easier and more lucrative, creating jobs for communities and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

4. Protect the vulnerable.
Traditional farmers are exposed to high levels of pesticides which are detrimental to their health. Traditional ways of farming are also harmful to the environment. Join us and be a part of a company that grows food in a way that is good for consumers, farmers, and the environment.

5. Free veggies.
Make your mama proud by bringing home unlimited supply of veggies so beautiful, she’d want to frame them up.

6.Your turn now.
There are so many reasons to work for Cultiveat. You’re convinced. Now it’s your turn to tell us why you’d fit into the team.

Our People

For us here at Cultiveat, we don't take shortcuts. All the produce that we grow are being fed to people. Therefore we have a very heavy responsibility to make sure all of our produce are grown with the best effort, care and love.

John-Hans Oei
CEO / Co-Founder

Our Benefits

Career Path

We care about our employees and their growth. Good performers are rewarded with upward mobility.

Free Parking

Free street parking. That's one expense you don't have to worry about!

Flexible Work

Need to stay home for the day or leave a little earlier to actually get work done? Then do it.

Medical Insurance

We provide insurance coverage for hospitalisations.

Birthday Leave

It's your birthday! Celebrate with a party, or with long naps in front of your TV.

Free Veggies!

Bring home fresh, pesticide-free produce whenever you need it!

Our Jobs

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