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Our Office

Our Address

C-3-33A, Block Camelia, 10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya Sprint, PJU 6A, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Our Story


CALTRiX is a Cloud Accounting Firm based in Selangor, Malaysia with a ''youngetic'' (young + energetic) team. 


We are heavily leveraging on the ECOSYSTEM of Integrated Cloud Software ("ICS") to streamline processes for improving effectiveness & efficiencies in producing real-time financial information, everything starts from cloud accounting.

CALTRiX's Mission:

To unleash business potential through empowerment and education about the powerfulness of ICS. Implementation of ICS is one of our crucial tasks to ensure it operates smoothly in each of our beloved clients.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that we can create positive impacts through real-time financial information. It enables our clients to make wiser business decisions towards business growth and sustainability with a better understanding of their business's financial performance.

CALTRiX's Vision:

To become the leading Cloud Accounting Firm and Cloud Solution Integrator in Malaysia, and the Asia Pacific in the long term.

Let's connect with us, we together as a strong "youngetic" team to amplify the positive impacts and contributing to the growth of Startup and SMEs in Malaysia!


Our Awesome Cultures:

  • SHARE the common beliefs together - Leverage on TECHNOLOGY
We believe that TECHNOLOGY can improve efficiencies and effectiveness either internally or for our clients. We have to constantly stay CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE in improvising our processes because the Ecosystem of Integrated Cloud Solution ("ICS") is continuously emerging over time. Therefore, we are creating positive VALUES for our clients in the long term.

We encourage INTRAPRENEURSHIPS within CALTRiX. We always try our best to provide you with DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES to BE BETTER through training and workshops. Simultaneously, we believe in EMPOWERMENT is one of the key opportunities for you to shine at your role!

As we are in the ICS space, we allow you to perform from home in certain days every week. The main reason is we focus on working effectively and efficiently together as a team.


Our Core Values:

Nevertheless, core values are important to us too. Each alphabet of CALTRiX stands for a core value within our company!

  • C - CONNECT ourselves and client to the cloud
  • A - Stay AWESOME, celebrate every achievement together
  • L - Show your LOVE and support each other 
  • T - TRUST each other through open communication and integrity
  • R - Be RESPONSIBLE and feel ownership on your roles
  • X - Be eXtraordinary, the better version of yourself each day

Our People

To encourage innovation within our company, we provide training for people who join us so that they have a better understanding of the whole ecosystem of Cloud Accounting. With that, they can create a positive impact towards SMEs in Malaysia.

Alfred Ang
CEO & Founder

Our Benefits

Celebrate Any Achievement!

Every achievement needs a celebration, regardless it is a small or big one. It is a result from every of our great efforts contributed together!

Intrapreneurship - Self-development Online Course

ONE skill you want to develop which align to our vision & mission. We can purchase online courses for you to learn. And move on to next!

Intrapreneurship - Empowerment

We believe that each of us has different talents to be unleashed through empowerment. You can initiate something awesome to growth hack CALTRiX.

Our Jobs

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