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We are a young startup specialized in professional Business to Business (B2B) Merchant Acquisition services. We believe sales outsourcing can generate business growth on a greater pace, which is why Perspecto is formed to serve our clients by reaching out to various type of merchants in a lean manner.

With ever-growing merchant data base, we establish and manage strong relationships with potential merchants to constantly get them introduced to our clients' product. Our value-added service which includes onboarding, will help our clients to strategize a worry-free expansion plan by ensuring our merchants are well-trained and ready to go live. At the moment, Perspecto is working with lots of great brands and startups, including DeliverEat, Eatigo, Wiwide, Boost and Touch & Go.


Office-less, Very Flexible, High Performer. These are the 3 words to describe Perspecto working environment.

We embrace the concept of office-less. Forget about getting stuck in traffic jam early in the morning just to show up and punch the card in the office. Just work anywhere that you feel comfortable as long as you fulfill your job tasks.

Arrange your own schedule. There is no strict guidelines on the way of completing your work. Schedule your tasks according to your tempo and deliver the best result accordingly.

We are not a believer of KPI. Perspecto don't measure individual performance based on the boring figures. We are high performers, hence it is vital for us to help you to gain personal growth which will eventually lead to company growth as well. 

Our Benefits

High Commission

We strongly value high performers, that's why we offer higher performance based incentive. Result > Long Working Hour.

Learn and Grow

Love to learn and keep challenging yourself? You will learn directly from the founders and transform yourself to be the future leader!

Flexible Working Hour

This is not a 9 to 6 job. You are free to arrange your schedule based on your preference. Work smart, play hard.


Forget about the traffic jam, you don't have to report to work everyday. Just work anyway you feel comfortable with, it could be a cafe, or your home.

Networking Opportunities

If you love to build your network, you are in a right place. Our business nature allows you to network with industry decision makers.

Be part of Pioneering Team

We are young and we are very aggressive in term of growth. Join us and you will learn and experience the fast-paced, yet exciting startup culture.

Our Jobs

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