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Graphic Designer

Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

  • You will produce high quality artwork across multiple touch points, including print, digital, videos and events (for online and offline campaigns)
  • You will have the opportunity to experiment and work with people form various fields to make their ideas come to life 
  • You must be able to work on multiple projects of varying complexities, and good time management skills to ensure that deadlines are met
  • You will work collaboratively with team members to develop and implement successful campaigns 

Job Requirements

  • Diploma or higher qualifications in Graphic / Web Design
  • 1 – 2 years of related work experience
  • Proficient in Adobe Illustrator; Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop
  • Positive working attitude with a willingness to learn and adapt
  • Committed team player, independent, responsible, meticulous
  • Passionate about creating great ideas and open to sharing ideas with the team
  • Eager to learn and am motivated to add value to the work you do
  • Have a ‘I will make-it-happen' attitude and impeccable taste

Our Culture


Every project is crafted and lovingly thought out by our team of passionate creatives. Working with a wholly integrated approach across advertising, branding, design, digital and experiental, We find the most interesting ways to engage and tell the story. We are made up of a myriad of creative individuals, illustrator, artist, film maker and we are constantly in an exploration mode – ready to experiment and challenge traditional practices.

WW ‘Hero” Journey
With over 16 years of experience in the creative industry, we have developed our very own unique methodology in crafting brand stories that differentiate and empower. 
I. Discovery: Uncovering the Hero
Assessing the brand’s current position through internal, external and market perceptions. In-depth insights into the core businesses to draw inspiration for differentiation.
• Communications Review
• Internal Perceptions
• External Interviews
• Competitive Analysis
• Brand Findings Report
• Brand Strategy Foundation
II. Ideation: Called to Adventure
Developing visual and verbal strategy to bring the brand into the marketplace. 
• Name & Tagline development
• Brand Architecture 
• Positioning & Core Messaging platform
• Targeted Messaging, messaging guidelines, deployment framework
• thought leadership & PR Strategy
• Corporate Identity Development
• Visual Brand Development
• Internals Communications Strategy
III. Staging: Crossing the Threshold
Bringing the brand to life through consistent and well-crafted sales and marketing materials that builds awareness and interest, setting the stage for marketplace distinction and business growth.
• Sales & Marketing tools
• Website development
• Advertising Campaigns
• Thought leadership development
• Brand Loyalty Materials
• Interactive Media Programmes
• Social Media Strategy
• Brand Experiences
IV. Launch: The Reward
Provide ongoing brand management and stewardship to ensure that the brand remains consistent, relevant and nimble to respond to changing market and business dynamics.
• Brand Standards
• Brand Stewardship
• Sales & Marketing campaigns
• Outsourced Marketing Services
• Ongoing Public Relations


Whitewords is a quietly confident and dynamic creative agency that focuses on creating memorable brand experiences. We've been serving a myriad of clients from the region ranging from FMCG to pharmaceutical work. Over a decade, we have been quietly transforming voids into spaces that breathes stories. We believe in creating value in every sector of the process, starting from within the team to the strategies and developing creative solutions. We are currently looking to expand our horizons into Malaysia and are looking for creative individuals to be part of our team in Malaysia. 

As the world is evolving and growing smaller (in the best sense of word), we want to build towards being part of a design thinking economy, which signifies a journey of discovery for us to also find our heart as we strive to carve a relevant place for ourselves in this world. 

Our Accolades – 
Silver Award – Marketing Events Awards 2016 (Best Event – Press/Media)
Bronze Award – Marketing Events Awards 2015 (Best Event Ambience – B2B)
Finalist – SPH INK Awards 2008 (OTO Powerfoot launch Press Ad)
Winner – Conqueror Awards 2004 (Changi General Hospital 2002 Annual Report)
Winner – Conqueror Awards 2004 (Tiger Beer Sell-in Kit)
Finalist  – Conqueror Awards 2004 (Tiger Beer Calligraphy Book)
Merit Winner – Singapore Design Awards 2004 (Tiger Beer Calligraphy Book)
Winner – Communication Arts Design Annual 2003 Award of Excellence (Tiger Beer Calligraphy Book)
Winner – Conqueror Horseman Design and Print Awards 2000 (Whitewords Christmas Card)