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Junior/Senior Flutter Mobile Developer

IT - Software Development
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Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

We are VIMIGO, Vision-Mission-Goal
We are the first company in Malaysia who provide practical performance reward solution for clients to manage their talents effectively. 

No, it's not IT Dept
First of all, the team you will be joining is Product & Engineering. Purpose of the team is to take care of the development, enhancement, and lifecycle for our main product -- VIMIGO.
If you are someone who wants to build something great with a group of incredible people. Then keep reading! 
The People & Culture
We have gamers, Hackathon fanatic, Anime lover, hikers, road bikers, cooker, badminton lovers, guitarist, pianist, and every other variety of people. We are sure that you will make some friends over here. 

Over here, we respect each different kind of personality. We always work as a team and never leave the team behind. Lunch together is one of the best time for us to have bonding as well.

As a startup company, we do have a fast pace working environment. You will have double busyness and chance to growth rapidly as well. If you are the person looking forward for challenges and growth, then yes VIMIGO is the place you would like to join!

The Best Place to Work 
Workspace in our office are designed accordingly to the position's need. The following are specially designed for you: 
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Extra Monitor
  • Career advancement guidance by experienced superior
  • A team who are ready to support each other anytime
  • Quiet working environment, you can dive deeper in work!
  • Soft music to cheer you up everyday
  • Free flow snacks, biscuits, coffee, beverages and soft drinks
  • Can be easily access by MRT, bus and driving 
  • Nearby Sunway Velocity Mall
Benefits You Can Find No Where 
We offer unique perks and benefits that you can't find anywhere: 
  • Performance reward
  • Healthy & Holiday incentives
  • Travelling allowance
  • Gadgets allowance
  • and MORE!

Come for our interview to know more about the above, looking forward to meet you up! 

About The Job
Ask the right questions to help us get to simple, and elegant technology solutions, where possible.

  • Responsible for design, development, maintenance and enhancements of the in-house and customer base mobile applications
  • Collaborate with product management to translate product requirements to system level architecture and high - level design that can be re-used across multiple applications and solutions
  • Work closely with Team Leader, UX designers, vendors and development teams to drive the evolution and expansion of the mobile applications in terms of application design, coding, quality control for accommodating operation / end user requirement specification, performance, scalability and user experience
  • Provide support to business users for using the systems, bug fixing, minor enhancements and fine tuning
  • Keep up to date on the latest industry trends in the mobile technologies
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work independently and with other teams
  • Be a fast thinker - solving problems on the go
  • Have high level of attention to detail At the onset, you may be culture-shocked working in AirAsia and with the Teleport team.

For Senior Level
  • Oversee and assist with software testing and validation procedures and programming.
  • Oversee and assist with software installation; ensures application operates within established specifications.

To help you adapt better, we would like to share our beliefs on leadership. Put simply, you are a leader, we all are leaders and good leaders:
  • Roll up their sleeves as needed, and never delegate work that one would not be willing to do themselves
  • Do what is needed to get things done, as they believe speed is more important than anything else to effect change
  • Over communicate, particularly as they are all quite autonomous
  • Take care of our staff, and treat them as they would want to be treated
  • Are rigid on goals, but flexible on the details

Job Requirements

  • Minimum product dev experience of 2+ years in web/mobile startups with expertise in designing and implementing high performance web applications
  • Familiarity with and excitement for Flutter
  • Experience building for mobile platforms (Android/iOS)
  • Experience authoring, testing, deploying, and managing high-scale production mobile apps
For Senior Level
  • 5+ years of professional experience as a Mobile Engineer or Software Engineer. 

Our Culture


📌 Top 10 finalist of Create Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest 2019
📌 AWS Cloud Partner
📌 Featured in major media like Astro, Sinchew, The Star, Chinapress, Top10CEO 
📌More than 500 SMEs using our solution, including The Alley, Segi Fresh, Koong Woh Tong, 50 Grams, LB Auto

With 35 years of total experiences, we set to provide solutions that are meaningful to local entrepreneurs: flexible, robust, and efficient. And we knew back then, we had to first create a place that was designed to foster that greatness; and we want YOU to be with our team and empower yourself to put your best work into the hands of hundreds of people, with very little in your way.
Our vision is to create a bridge for good employee to find good employer and good employer to find good employee. And our mission here is to empower entrepreneurs to succeed in a competitive marketplace, through cost-effective innovations to society, that contributes towards a highly effective nation.


#NeverLeaveYourTeamBehind #NoNeckties #NoHighHeels

We are a company who strives for ambitious Vision, Missions and Goals.  
We welcome someone who is a cultural fit, able to adapt to our core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that make up to our team. Collaborative work is highly valued and we believe it makes a stronger culture fit for each of us! 

We aspire to make a difference to our clients by providing them a solution to thrive their business in the marketplace. We take pride in that the solutions we propose.

For those who are hungry for improvements, your performance will be progressively reviewed. With a positive team environment, we also strive to invest time and resources for career growth. Your hard work will not be shortchanged. 

By doing a great work means you have a great team to be proud of. This is why we take an Inside-Out approach at the center of our business model and practices. Working in a team enable us to learn from one another’s mistakes, gain insight from different perspectives, and learn new concepts from more experienced colleagues and ascertain more effective approaches and solutions.

“Above all, we want to create something we’re proud of with YOU; TOGETHER.” 
– Phillip Choong, CTO & Director of vimigo