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Internship for Laravel cum Mobile Developer

Information technology
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Sunway Velocity, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Understanding client’s requirement is what the company values the most. We are here to provide and develop a meaningful solution; that is to empower our local entrepreneurs to succeed in a competitive marketplace, through cost-effective innovations and technology.  You will be:

  1. Involved in the development, maintenance, and support of a new/existing web applications.
  2. Work closely with external/internal team in the areas of design requirement, specification, implementation, coding, and testing.
  3. Ensure all the source codes are optimized, written and documented in compliance according to the company’s quality assurance standard.
  4. Be a part of a vibrant team that works on innovative and exciting projects!

Job Requirements

  1. Possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology, Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Science & Technology, or equivalent as per mentioned. 
  2. Ability to learn and advance, attend meetups & conferences, grow personally and within a team. Willing to work on vibrant and exciting projects, mainly enterprise solutions that include large/small scale web startups & custom web applications.

 We seek for someone like you, who is:
  • Excellent in problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Good in understanding of Internet technology, standard and n-tier architecture, and OOP.
  • Open minded to new solutions, forward thinking and strong ability to adapt.
  • Have a strong passion for programming and research of new technologies.
  • Familiar with SME businesses/entrepreneurs will be a bonus to the projects.
  • Highly desirable skills: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, Laravel.

Our Culture


📌 Top 10 finalist of [email protected] Cloud Startup Contest 2019
📌 AWS Cloud Partner

With 35 years of total experiences, we set to provide solutions that are meaningful to local entrepreneurs: flexible, robust, and efficient. And we knew back then, we had to first create a place that was designed to foster that greatness; and we want YOU to be with our team and empower yourself to put your best work into the hands of hundreds of people, with very little in your way.
Our vision is to create a bridge for good employee to find good employer and good employer to find good employee. And our mission here is to empower entrepreneurs to succeed in a competitive marketplace, through cost-effective innovations to society, that contributes towards a highly effective nation.


#NeverLeaveYourTeamBehind #NoNeckties #NoHighHeels

We are a company who strives for ambitious Vision, Missions and Goals.  
We welcome someone who is a cultural fit, able to adapt to our core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that make up to our team. Collaborative work is highly valued and we believe it makes a stronger culture fit for each of us! 

We aspire to make a difference to our clients by providing them a solution to thrive their business in the marketplace. We take pride in that the solutions we propose.

For those who are hungry for improvements, your performance will be progressively reviewed. With a positive team environment, we also strive to invest time and resources for career growth. Your hard work will not be shortchanged. 

By doing a great work means you have a great team to be proud of. This is why we take an Inside-Out approach at the center of our business model and practices. Working in a team enable us to learn from one another’s mistakes, gain insight from different perspectives, and learn new concepts from more experienced colleagues and ascertain more effective approaches and solutions.

“Above all, we want to create something we’re proud of with YOU; TOGETHER.” 
– Phillip Choong, CTO & Director of vimigo