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Account Management Manager

Operations and admin
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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Do you wake up with an itch to create values, promote innovations and challenge the status quo? Do you want to make a difference and be impactful? Be smart and start somewhere, a high ground, start with us!

You are more than an executive -- you are going to be our cornerstone in solving business owners' problems. The learning curve provided is going to be endless and challenging. After all, this job is not for the faint-hearted. Being an entrepreneur never is.

You will be required to work very closely with clients and various stakeholders to maintain smooth customer experience with the brand and provide suitable training and guidance for the rest of the team. You must have a high degree of self-sufficiency and initiative to get things done, as well as the ability to manage many on-going tasks to tight deadlines.

We are braving through a crucial transition period, capitalizing market share. Work alongside experienced team members to evolve together. That is winning with an innovation mentality!

Your Job Description includes:
  • Serve clients with your deep knowledge of the product and technical support via various communication channels
  • Grow your communication skill and network! Interact and learn from business owners / management personnel from companies of various sizes and industries.
  • Show off your great interpersonal and communication skills while solving issues with customers, they will thank you (and us too!)
  • Actively develop and improve processes for continuous improvement 
  • Enjoy exclusive invites to attend corporate visits and trainings.
  • Be in the know! Stay updated on industry trends, competitors’ products and services.
  • Perform ad-hoc tasks to make sure our customers have smooth experience

Job Requirements

  1. Passionate in solving business owners' / small SME’s problems 
  2. Good analytical and problem solving skill
  3. Have an open mind and a strong desire to learn new things
  4. Possess high patience and excellent interpersonal skills to deal with different stakeholders, internally and externally
  5. Excellent team player with warm personality and high Emotional Intelligence
  6. Languages: English, Mandarin (read and speak), Bahasa Malaysia
  7. Fresh graduates from Business Development/Administration, Hospitality/Tourism or equivalent will be considered

We will be excited (very) if you have:
  1. SME / startup experience 
  2. Interest in IT / technology
  3. Experienced in developing processes for daily operations

Our Culture


📌 Top 10 finalist of [email protected] Cloud Startup Contest 2019
📌 AWS Cloud Partner

With 35 years of total experiences, we set to provide solutions that are meaningful to local entrepreneurs: flexible, robust, and efficient. And we knew back then, we had to first create a place that was designed to foster that greatness; and we want YOU to be with our team and empower yourself to put your best work into the hands of hundreds of people, with very little in your way.
Our vision is to create a bridge for good employee to find good employer and good employer to find good employee. And our mission here is to empower entrepreneurs to succeed in a competitive marketplace, through cost-effective innovations to society, that contributes towards a highly effective nation.


#NeverLeaveYourTeamBehind #NoNeckties #NoHighHeels

We are a company who strives for ambitious Vision, Missions and Goals.  
We welcome someone who is a cultural fit, able to adapt to our core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that make up to our team. Collaborative work is highly valued and we believe it makes a stronger culture fit for each of us! 

We aspire to make a difference to our clients by providing them a solution to thrive their business in the marketplace. We take pride in that the solutions we propose.

For those who are hungry for improvements, your performance will be progressively reviewed. With a positive team environment, we also strive to invest time and resources for career growth. Your hard work will not be shortchanged. 

By doing a great work means you have a great team to be proud of. This is why we take an Inside-Out approach at the center of our business model and practices. Working in a team enable us to learn from one another’s mistakes, gain insight from different perspectives, and learn new concepts from more experienced colleagues and ascertain more effective approaches and solutions.

“Above all, we want to create something we’re proud of with YOU; TOGETHER.” 
– Phillip Choong, CTO & Director of vimigo