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Graphic Designer

Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Are you it? We're looking to onboard a powerhouse designer in our growing team. Looking for exposure and an opportunity to shine in a wide array of projects? Come join us! You'll be working in a growing team of open-minded, driven & supportive team members while we work towards our company's mission & purpose.

Here are your core responsibilities as a designer in VM:
  • Study design briefs and determine requirements 
  • Conceptualize visuals based on design requirements 
  • Prepare drafts & illustrations to present ideas 
  • Develop illustrations, logos & other designs 
  • Coordinate with other team members (copywriters, web designers, printing vendors, and colleagues when necessary)
  • Create a wide range of graphics and layouts for social media content, product illustrations, logos, websites with software such as photoshop. 
  • Amend designs after feedback
  • Ensure final graphics & layouts are visually appealing and on-brand 

P.s. Majority of our current workflow is done remotely.

Job Requirements

Skills-related attributes*: 
  • Experience as a graphic designer or in a related field
  • Demonstrable graphic design skills with a strong portfolio.
  • Proficient with design software and technologies (such as Photoshop, InDesign Quark, and Illustrator)
  • A strong creative acumen/designing thought process to achieve design requirements & objectives 
  • Understanding of marketing, production, website design, corporate identity, product packaging, advertisements, and multimedia design.
  • Experience with computer-aided design.
*(If lacking in skills & experience in aspects above, the keenness & ability to pick things up fast)

Attitude wise, these qualities fit the bill for a designer here in VM:
  • Ability to work methodically and meet deadlines
  • Able to give and receive constructive criticism.
  • Follows through tasks & projects with excellence 
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to learn, grow and improve continuously - whether in skills or in personal development
  • Critical thinking & problem solver - you make things work through creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation
  • Always striving for Excellence & delivering WOW experiences to teammates, partners, and clients
  • High sense of ownership - of his/her role in the company & whatever s/he is in-charge of
  • Effective communicator; Willingness to voice out ideas & issues
  • Thorough and attentive to details 
  • Proactive team player, a self-starter 
  • Energizer and supportive team player 

Our Culture


In Vertex Mastery, we provide result-driven business coaching sessions, electrifying exciting events, and effective marketing agency services to our clients to grow their business so that they can further impact and help their own clients through their products or services.

❤️ Our Purpose - Our Reason for Being In The Business

To help business owners & entrepreneurs to create breakthroughs and success in their lives and the lives of others.

🚀 Our Mission To Mars

Creating the world's finest & most result-driven coaching community of conscious business owners and entrepreneurs by 2030. 

🎯 Mission Target

  • To enroll over 500 active annual coaching memberships with renewals of more than 2 years
  • To donate over $1,000,000 USD in charity 

📜 Company Profile

Click here to discover our company more! 

🙌🏻 Our Code of Honour (PEAKS)

🤩 Purpose Driven:
  • I put Mission first
  • I do whatever it takes to complete my task
  • I know everything we do brings us closer to our mission

💯 Excellence:
  • I deliver WOW experiences
  • I am always resourceful, proactive & on time in all my actions
  • I practice open & honest communication

👀 Act Responsibly:
  • I take ownership & responsibility for all tasks given to me
  • I do not blame, shame, complain, victimize or justify.
  • I am honest & always act with integrity.

🌱 Keep Growing
  • I take every experience as an opportunity to grow
  • I'm always open & actively seeking for feedback 
  • I am willing to call out & be called out & I quit taking it personally (QTIP)

💪🏻 Support:
  • I support my team unconditionally
  • I leave no one behind and I always finish as A-team
  • I lead my team to be at our finest & settle for nothing less


The following is the 2030 Vivid Vision for Vertex Mastery (in our founder's words):

"Creating a vivid vision brings the future into the present." 
To have clarity on what we are building now and the future direction of Vertex Mastery, we need a detailed overview of how Vertex Mastery will look like, feel like, and act like in the next 10 years (31 December 2030).

Sharing it with others helps to transform these dreams into reality. 


  • Our content serves to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and their companies to leverage their business and provide them a supportive and trusted community to be in. Our programs are all designed for the CEOs, COOs, and their teams in mind.
  • Our programs and coaching are simple, easy to absorb, immediately implementable, and actionable to generate results for our clients
  • Our focus is scaling the Heroes Collective Mastermind And Kings Council Mastermind.
  • Revenue streams for our business will come mainly from our coaching and mastermind programs. In addition, complementary income streams are generated through acquiring or strategic partnerships with complementary businesses that we or our clients use.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs are purchasing our courses so that they can be part of an elite community that pushes themselves further to grow their business, get unstuck, and be brought to the next level. These business owners and entrepreneurs bring along their teams to learn from us through our mastermind team training to help them get even quicker results by working hand-in-hand with their teams through coaching.
  • Audiences and clients all around the world actively engage (watch, like, follow and share) in all of the free social media content that we put out, and our following continues growing worldwide and internationally.
  • Books written by David Chua and trainers are international and amazon bestsellers.

🎤 Speaking:

  • David, our founder is frequently invited to present at major conferences hosted by leading organizations. He's been invited to speak on international platforms such as the United Nations, TedX, leading universities, and many more. He is featured on global news outlets on LIVE TV, being interviewed as a renowned guest, and also featured on prestigious front page magazines such as Forbes. David’s keynote talks include large-scale events produced by Fortune, Forbes, Hubspot, Inc, Salesforce, Success Resources, and more which garner national and international attention and accolades. Speakers bureaus enthusiastically book David to speak at their top client's events.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Coaching:

  • We only accept the finest and result-driven conscious business owners and entrepreneurs as our top clients who have the following characteristics: Positive. Proactive. Humble. Always ready to learn and grow. Brave to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Always willing to be responsible and accountable for all their actions. Fiercely loyal to us. Protective and supportive of our Heroes Collectives and Kings Council tribe.
  • Our clients stay with us for an average of around 18 months in our Heroes Collective Mastermind and move on to qualify themselves for our top tier program - Kings Council where they interact and learn from one another, at the same time add value, give and serve each other unconditionally.
  • Our clients are served by David and mentors in a group. We have highly specialized coaches who are loyal, abundant, and serving who will guide and coach our clients directly. 
  • Our coaching program agreements are simple - David has a monthly town hall group meeting or calls with the clients and our clients work with our coaches one-on-one monthly. We also have elements of team group calls whereby our clients can send their team members to learn from us as we work with our clients and their teams at the same time 
  • Our payment terms are simple - 13-month minimum commitment and an average lifetime commitment whereby they invest 25% upfront and pay us the rest on a monthly basis.
  • We also work with 5 to 10 high growth clients per year and we accept to do equity deals in exchange for our program where we accept 50% coaching fees as equity in their company. Applications for this equity program are strict, highly demanded, their results are exceptional and the caliber of business or founders we work with is astounding. We have equity in over 30 companies, each doing well - with positive cash flow, healthy fast growth, and scalable.

🦸🏻 Heroes Academy:

  • The Heroes Academy is our entry-level program whereby the client doesn’t require our coaching and active involvement. It comprises a library of courses in all areas of business growth for our clients who are not yet ready to work with us. The Heroes Academy will help the clients to go from zero to one or from struggling to stable. It serves as the foundation to work with us at our signature higher-level program - Heroes Collectives. The Heroes Academy also strives to help business owners internationally who may have financial or buying power issues to improve themselves. With that, no one is left out.
  • Even though our Heroes Academy program doesn’t require our active coaching involvement, it serves as a teaser for our coaching program and yet still implementable for our clients to get results.
  • Each module is designed in a bite-sized, fun, and gamified way to help our clients to go through them easily and get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time.

🤵🏻 Heroes Collective:

  • The Heroes Collective is our signature program that is widely successful. The top and finest result-driven business owners and entrepreneurs all around the world who resonate with our tribe join in as our valued clients and members. Apart from growing themselves personally, they are also willing to grow their skills, their companies profit, and bottom line incredibly fast.
  • The Heroes Collective has about 300+ active members who have been with us for over 2 years or more.
  • The program is a combination of masterminding, individual and group community work as well as member curated content.
  • David is actively engaged in creating leaders within the group, while our coaches continuously improve themselves and their business with humility and loyalty.
  • Our members and tribe rank their progress via heroes stages and continuously strive to climb the ranking progression ladder. 
  • The Heroes Collective has clients all around the world, such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the USA, Japan, Thailand, UK, and Europe. 

👑 Kings Council: 

  • The Kings Council is our elite leadership mastermind in which those who have successfully reached the hero rank will fight to join and will partake in applying via invitation only.
  • It’s a space where only our clients with over a million dollars can get to be invited and join.
  • It’s the highest level, open safe, and intimate group of business leaders that will be led in groups of 8 by each team leader called 'sensei's who will keep the group with absolute accountability.
  • This group will have access to David and the mentorship team directly and we host the craziest and most memorable experiences for our Kings Council clients from driving tanks to mountain climbing in Tibet, to joining the spartan challenge, to flying jets, and more.
  • We have a King Council app that keeps each member productive and accountable beyond their business which includes the area of their wealth, finances, relationship, mindset, spirituality, leadership, and also family.
  • The King Council members work together to not only build the empires that stand strong, but also cultivate and deepen the bond and further love and understanding with oneself and the team, family, partners, and kids around them.

🧘🏻 Mastermind & Annual Retreats: 

  • Our masterminds are done in different cities 3 times a year, which usually runs about 5 days each time -3 days for the actual event, an extra 1 day for members who are with us for more than 1 year, and another 1 day for Kings Council members. 
  • We also run the Heroes Annual Retreats for the Heroes Collective and Kings Council member where we invite top caliber speakers and keynotes to talk about both their business and life lessons where our members will feel inspired and motivated.
  • At our annual retreats, we have activities that not just bond the members but also challenge them to grow. It a combination of the mastermind, awards gala ceremony, and travel excursion together.
  • It’s also a good space for our members to relax and our Vertex Mastery team to do their annual retreat and holiday right after at the same time.
  • We also award our members and leaders during this retreat and have a huge celebration, party, and learning with every member of the Heroes Collective. 
  • After every annual retreat, our members leave more inspired, bonded, connected, and clear on their plans for the coming year and decade.

🧠 Clients' Development:

  • Our clients continue to say that the best thing we do is to provide them with easily implementable content, the growth mindset, and the accountability that ensures they get things done which results in them growing their company successfully. We provide each client with lessons, content that is clear, concise, and implementable. The client we coach love setting goals with us because our efforts directly correlate to an increase in their company's profit and productivity which have a direct impact on their bottom line. They value us and the other Heroes Collective members on their team and they constantly say we’ve made or saved them millions of dollars, fast track their success (which would have taken them years of mistake to learn), and shortcut their experience and growth.
  • This also leads us to inspire our clients, to not stop and give unconditionally in the community and also serve each other and keep each other accountable.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The VM Team:

  • The Vertex Mastery team has expanded and allowed us to scale to an amazing business which will free up David's time to specifically work and focus on areas of his unique ability. 
  • We have a world-class sales and conversion team that not only helps us to source quality clients but also brings in tremendous and consistent cash flow to the company. 
  • We also have an affiliate ambassador program team that focuses on sourcing speaking events, taking care of our affiliates, and also finding top members to join the Heroes Collective and also the King Council. 
  • The team actively reaches out to people who’ve seen David speaks or whom we have directly worked with and are consistently developing and maintaining client intimacy and relationships. 
  • Our Marketing, Social Media and Branding team are working at full capacity, firing at all cylinders.
  • Our Events Experience team is dedicated to organizing world-class events and also puts in 100% focus on creating the best in class events for us.
  • Our Client Care team is fully committed and focused on caring for our clients' needs and they also maintain intimacy with all of our members by having constant unexpected surprises and delights for them.
  • Our coaches are the best in the class who serve our members and coach them to success. They are humble, loyal, and also give unconditionally to our members.
  • David has a 24/7 video content creation team working closely with him and capturing and churning out every moment into social media viral-worthy content that inspires life’s all around the world.
  • Our Admin and Account team take care of all the paperwork and collections to ensure the smoothest transition for all cords in the company to function smoothly.
  • Our VM leadership team leads with love, care, still with accountability, and understanding for the VM team members. They make sure the VM team members are well mentored, taken care of, well trained, constantly living by our code of honor, feeling inspired, and having fun so that they can take that energy to serve our clients at the highest level. 

🎖 VM Leadership:

  • VM leadership is well mentored and well trained.
  • Always clear and know what exactly to do. Ready for any circumstances to happen and always ready to adapt.
  • Inspired and always on purpose - Knowing what our mission and purpose are, leading the team proactively without David's direct involvement, always grooming future leaders, and helping our team members to reach their utmost full potential.
  • Always leading from a space of care but also living and enforcing the Code of Honor. 
  • Bring in cash flow for the company - Check and balance, making sure the company is healthy and always in the green while making sure each team member's productivity is well put to use and maximized.
  • Emotionally stable and mature with the skills to guide, facilitate, and lead the team to overcome any mental or emotional blocks they have and also provide leadership and support. 

🕘 David’s Time:

  • David’s time is identified as one of the bottlenecks in the company along with the sheer volume of social media and emails. The emails and the replies on social media will be handled by a dedicated social media team representing David which frees up a ton of his time to either work and focus on content creation or areas of his unique ability to either serve clients in groups or the team.
  • David’s time is best used to attend high leverage events and masterminds with other top global CEO’s, business owners, and entrepreneurs. The ideal events are when he is the dumbest guy in the room. At these events, David will continue to learn and upgrade his knowledge and skills as well as a lineup of speaking at events, conferences, media coverage, coaching clients, and serving the Heroes Collective and King Council members.
  • The Vertex Mastery team will handle all personal and business logistics. David has effective meeting rhythms in place that are so powerful and impactful with the team's time that the Vertex Mastery is always ahead of the game, like having a crystal ball.

🤗 VM Client Care Team:

  • Our clients trust us because of the respect, safe space, and understanding which we provide to our clients. We are a breath of fresh air within our industry.
  • Our clients love that we say what other people are thinking but won't say - Our team has hard conversations with our clients not just in business but also in all other areas of their life that can affect them and their business.
  • Our clients know that we have their back, we are very clear with our communication and what we have promised them. Our clients consistently say that we have over-delivered, surprised, and delighted them at every interaction. Our clients feel grateful to have us help them as much as how we are also grateful to play a huge role in their growth and deliver incredible value.

🗣 VM Team Communication:

  • Our team communicates proactively, anticipates each other’s needs, and supports each other. 
  • We communicate openly and also transparently.
  • There is nothing we left unsaid, we say the things that no one wants to hear.
  • We have conversations especially the hard ones that people avoid.
  • We communicate directly, never indulging in politics and drama.
  • There is no hierarchy in our team and we all communicate by always being responsible for our words and actions, and being open and honest. 
  • We know that we all provide a safe space for each other and that there are no issues that are taboo or off-limits.
  • We always go directly when we have an issue and come to a resolution, no loose ends.
  • We understand that to perform at the highest level, the pressure will increase and we will always remember that during heated moments to never take it personally.

📣 VM Marketing:

  • Our marketing is entirely automated and implemented or overseen by our world-class in-house marketing team. We always run the most up-to-date strategies to get us amazing results which we experiment with and then share with our clients.
  • Our marketing team is highly respected - David and our team are constantly invited to share keynote or masterminds in industry conferences or events that are highly respected, regarded, and looked up upon.
  • Our marketing team runs worldwide in mainly Chinese and English language. We churn amazing results in all markets which lead our social media followers to sooner or later become our clients in record time.
  • We are on multiple platforms and our marketing principles and practices are widely modeled by our clients and also industry leaders all around the world.
  • Our marketing team constantly attend industry conferences and masterminds to further up their game and always staying ahead of the curve and adapting and innovating on all new social media and marketing platforms.

📰 VM Media And Publicity:

  • The media regularly turns to us and David as an expert and leading authority in marketing and business excellence, building world-class team culture and entrepreneurship topics. The media consistently covers our content and successes with growing businesses and growing leaders. We and David are also constantly asked to be a regular contributor for others to model and learn what we do.
  • The name "David Chua" and "Vertex Mastery" is internationally recognized in business circles worldwide. David is invited as a regular interviewee for industry-leading podcasts and also a guest for talk shows, podcasts, radios and tv interviews, and magazine features.
  • David’s calendar is so booked with podcast guest interviews and keynotes or media appearances that the VM team has to filter and turn them down or priorities them accordingly as to not overwhelm David’s time 

👍🏻 VM Culture/ Tribe: 

  • The VM culture is a team of purpose-driven individuals who claim ownership in everything that they do. The team is full of A-Players who are completely in alignment with the company culture and values of Vertex Mastery.
  • The VM culture is based on mission first. Everyone appreciates each other and wants to see each other grow and succeed personally and professionally in the team.
  • We practice QTIP (Quit Taking It Personally), strive to live and be the very embodiment and representation of our Code of Honor, to be an inspiration for our team, our clients, and those around us or someone we come in contact with.
  • We take full responsibility and ownership for ourselves. We each practice self-leadership to the highest level for ourselves, our team, and our clients.
  • Our team members have lots of fun at work and we are open and no hold bars. Our team isn’t working for us, they are working with us. Each and every day, we are building our company to a world-class level so that we can impact more lives and help our clients.
  • Our team consists of members all around the world working either physically in the HQ Office integrated with the VM Campus or virtually from their homes.
  • Each of our team members strives to constantly learn and grow and actively asks for feedback. We strive to improve ourselves each and every day and we constantly look for areas and opportunities for growth as we invest our own time to learn from other industries and mentors to improve ourselves and bring it back to educate the team and the company.
  • The team always gets their task done while having a blast and lots of fun doing it.
  • Our team creates a culture that is so energizing, fun, empowering, and open that people all around the world line up and apply for that we have a strict waiting list.
  • Our team is made up of marketing, sales, accounts, client care, coaches, admin, media PR, account managers, assistants, and IT developers. 

📈 VM Sales: 

  • Our sales team is the best of class in terms of closing professionally and lovingly yet still being effective.
  • The sales teams are our elite special force in the companies that closes clients both online and offline, virtually and in person. 
  • They help our clients come to a clear decision to invest and work with us and our clients thank them profusely for closing them.
  • Our sales team never leave a bad taste in any of our prospects and clients' mouth. Every conversation leads to people surprise, delighted, empowered, and waiting to tell others or refer others to our business.
  • Our sales team brings in clients and cashflow consistently for the company so that we can provide for the whole team and move towards our vision together.
  • Our sales team is not egotistical or arrogant. They are all humble, caring, and come from a place of serving and mission. Knowing that what we offer is the best of class and we will change lives or even save lives with our product and service.
  • They don’t just close but they also prospect and qualify in making sure that we have the best quality people like our clients that do as they say, accountable for their results, and take action fast.
  • Our sales team also goes out to other events to prospect or network potential joint ventures, deals, corporate training, or clients send them our way.

🎫 VM Events:

  • Our events are world-class experiential events.
  • The experience is surprisingly delighting and leaves everyone empowered and ready to take action in a resourceful state of mind.
  • Our events not only provide our clients with the information they need but also with an implementable plan ready to go.
  • Our clients leave our events clear, confident, and excited, no matter what situation they were in.
  • We leave our clients always in tears of gratitude and joy. Our clients just can’t wait to book and come to the next one.
  • Our events are always memorable, full of tears of joy and release, grateful, and also empowering.
  • Our events always surprise and delight our clients and everyone left with a huge smile on their face.
  • Our venues are always world-class and the events we do feel like a party or a rock concert full of transformation and breakthroughs in business.

👐🏻 VM Coaches:

  • Our coaches are loving, caring, and always serving our clients unconditionally. 
  • Our coaches are loyal and always speak with integrity. They are the perfect representation of our Code of Honor and they demonstrate that through their actions and inspire not only our team but also our clients
  • Our coaches continuously learn and grow on their own time and bring back the best tools and strategies to share with us, David, and our clients.
  • Our coaches understand the mission and they are not here for the money, but purely to serve. They are always acting with integrity and are a walking demonstration of honor, love, and care.
  • Our coaches are world-class and they are the best of the best. They are trained with business strategies and business tactics to help our clients move forward fast. They are well trained in emotional healing and processing skills to help facilitate and provide a safe space to any of our clients if the need arises.
  • Our coaches always work on their own emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing outside the group so they can always come in to serve the team and our clients with a clear, calm, present-centered presence and provide the space and facilitation skills to help heal and grow.

⚜️ VM Brand:

  • The "David Chua" brand is known worldwide in the entrepreneurship and business circle. The Vertex Mastery, Heroes Collective, and Kings Council brand come next.
  • "David Chua" brand has a following in all forms of social media as we put out helpful, inspiring, and motivational content on all platforms that change lives, shift perspective, and save businesses.
  • The "Heroes Collective" and "Kings Council" brands are exclusive and prestigious groups where business owners and entrepreneurs all heard of and what to be part of.
  • The "Vertex Mastery" brand is well known and is remembered for their Code of Conduct, the professionalism and loving fun culture that every business owners want to emulate or be a part of VM Values (Purpose-Driven, Excellence, Act Responsibilibly, Keep Growing, Support).

🌟 Core Values, Code of Honour, Way Of Life & Work

How We Do What We Do

Our content truly helps companies leverage their business, create incredible culture, scale, and grow their business. Business owners and entrepreneurs use our systems, methods, and technologies to commit to growing and scaling their business and decoupling amazing products and teams that will impact the world. 

We also realize that our content or knowledge if not applied will be useless, which is why we spend so much time coaching our clients and also make sure they implement our strategies all while giving them accountability, support, and community (our Heroes Collective and Kings Council communities) that allows them to grow even further.

We only work with clients who are 100% responsible for their own results, fast action takers, proactive, and 100% fit for our Code of Honor, our way of being, and our community. We help catapult these clients to new areas in their business and we repel anyone who is not a match.

👊🏻 VM Impact: 

We impact the finest and most result-driven connoisseur entrepreneurs and business owners by helping them to attract clients, grow, and scale their business by giving them the content and community to get those results. Through helping our clients, they will go on via their lives and businesses to help and impact their own teams, families, communities, clients, and countries.

🙋🏻 Founder's Feeling

I, David Chua, am so passionate and inspired by what we do, the direction we are embracing on and also the work and mission we are doing. I feel calm, trusting, and at ease knowing that the team which is you who are reading this is together on this journey with us. We are on the right path and we will be able to change the world and achieve our purpose in this lifetime.

This business will be the many businesses I build over my career but this will be one that I will not ever exit or sell because every client who thanks us, every smile we get, every “thank you I needed to hear this” comment are a combination of all our team's effort and energy. 

We put in the hours and the work and knowing that this business is beyond monetary gains but purely a mission to make the world a better place by helping the one group of people we serve - the finest and most result-driven community of business owners and entrepreneurs. By helping them, we are thus reaching more people and touching more lives through their products and also services.

This makes me feel successful and inspired every single day. It makes me and I hope it makes you push yourself to your very best in your health, wealth, business, relationship, and every area of your life too.