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Sales and marketing
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Kuala Lumpur/Selangor, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job


  • Work with Head of Brand to develop overall Brand and Marketing plan and marketing campaigns for the local market. 
  • Develop research and marketing reports on various topics; competitors, social media strategies, campaigns, etc. in the local market.
  • Manage the appointed local agencies (PR, Content, Brand, Digital) to ensure all projects and deliverables are executed with diligence, quality and in a timely manner.
  • Digital - this means effective strategy, daily monitoring of results and ROI's, looking at the competition, ensuring there is a feedback loop and contributing suggestions on new tactics aligning with sales, community events, PR and marketing initiatives in order to leverage on all assets. 
  • PR - work very closely with UPGen clients, community and HQ on developing the right story angles and content for the PR agency to leverage and generate the visibility we require. Handle on-site media visits and follow up to ensure high impact visibility and reputation building
  • Content - develop creative social media calendar and working with community and agency to populate and amplify content. Work with production and design to ensure brand assets are being used appropriately and quality content is being produced for the various channels. Coordinate photography shoots and other related creative projects Ensure all content and communication reflects UPGen brand identity and the respective sites’ brand identity.
  • Collateral - coordinate copywriting and local production of printed and branded merchandise items. 
  • Coordinate with Internal team, Web agency, and any 3rd party vendor to ensure localized content is updated on the website. 
  • Develop influencer networks among local up and coming start-ups, freelancers, designers, tech innovators, and angel investor communities to build up UPGen’s position in the market. Nurture a good relationship with our network of collaborators and partners
  • Produce bi-weekly and monthly internal marketing communications and reports.
  • Create and curate e-mail marketing promotions both for internal and external purposes
  • Handle administrative and ad-hoc duties e.g. managing contact databases, shared drive content, vendor relations, local marketing budgets. Format, maintain and communicate press materials and press clippings for all relevant departments and channels (web, social, etc). 


Elevate the brand AND Increase Revenue stream
  • Build and connect complementary communities – creating synergies
  • Develop a mutual value exchange, short and long term
  • Has discernment for the type of partnership. Always understand the why and the mutual long-term benefit.
  • Create diversity in partnerships; thought leaders, tech, fashion, F+B, environmental and social impact, educational, service providers (insurance, credit cards, Fintech, Airmiles storage, transport), govt organizations, start-up programs, etc.
  • Bring UPGen to other organizations and people to experience (operating pop-ups in malls, conferences)
  • Serve our community with meaningful and useful programs and services
  • Sponsor offices for start-ups with a purpose. We support them, they support us. And hopefully the community benefits.
  • Celebrate our neighborhood. Work with vendors and partners in the area. 
  • Bring in communities to host events at UPGen space.
  • Acquire potential complementary companies to serve our community 
  • We must always be discerning and vet partners.
  • We need to think long term, not just short-term buzz.
  • We need to analyze the benefits and evaluate terms and conditions.
  • We need to always understand our objectives. 

Job Requirements

  • 5 years of relevant experience
  • Fluent in English and Malay (other SE Asian languages are a bonus)
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivated and able to multi-task, with a sense of ownership 
  • Good Graphic design skills to create professional and creative presentation decks and proposals, therefore, proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop 
  • Proficient in all PC application e.g. Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Experience in working with CMS, Google Analytics, Digital tools, Social Media Account Management

Our Culture


We are privileged to be in a flat management structure that values everyone’s contribution and point of view.

We are privileged to be in a flat management structure that values everyone’s contribution and point of view.

We are honored to be working for a dynamic start-up with a strong vision and financial foundation.

We are fortunate to work in a multicultural and diverse environment where we can learn from each other’s unique professional and life experiences and we can embrace differences yet also appreciate the similarities of simply being human. 

We can learn, we have umpteen opportunities to learn from each other, our challenges and our larger member community. 


UP Space Solutions Development (Malaysia) - Subsidiary of UP International. UP International consists of a newly formed Executive team to develop the UP brand and pipeline of office solutions throughout Southeast Asia. UP International is a subsidiary of the Founding Company UP Vietnam which started in April 2016. Today, it is the largest office space solution operator in the country. UP offers customer-centric real estate and design and financing solutions for all types of office/client needs; from a one-client site, private offices, to more open collaborative spaces tailored to small and fast-growing businesses and independent entrepreneurs. UP International is expanding into Bangkok and Malaysia in 2019, with accelerated growth to other Southeast Asian cities in 2020.