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Damansara Damai, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

Unofficial Magic is a full-service show production agency located at Damansara Damai, we focus on customizing one-of-its-kind magic performances.

Few reasons for you to consider your application:

  • We work in a non-corporate studio office environment.
  • We are fans of productivity as opposed to ‘working hours’.
  • We are a start-up with young, energetic and passionate people.
  • We roll with casual and yet excellent attire.
  • Growth is our priority and your learning will be maximized.
  • We will love you for expressing your own constructive ideas.
  • If your work is better than the average, we will pay you more than the average.
  • We will assess your appraisal report seriously so you could fly with them in the future.
  • You will have opportunities to gain all-rounded experiences and insights of our business, as opposed to a single aspect of the work.
  • You will get to watch some cool magic shows. =)

Job Requirements

Only 1 slot for each position available, first come first serve basis.

Contact me at +60127095820
or Email your resume to [email protected]

Our Culture



We are a small team who obviously think that our work is rather special (and cool), which means we require a unique culture to roll with.

We live & work by 10 core values so if you do not meet all of them, kindly do not consider the job. (Okay if you only meet half but can pretend that you believe in the other half also can try.)

1) Go BIG or go home
(Please don't take it literally we actually wish you don't go home at all)
2) Copy, and be differently better
3) Great is just not good enough (Yes copied that from Google)
4) Passion is like oxygen, profit is like food, purpose is like wife’s tantrum.
(Wife's tantrum: It’s not always obvious but it lasts)
5) FUN = F**k Ur Negativity
6) Suit & tie is not the only definition of excellence
(Doesn't mean you can wear slippers k)
7) Talk, not everyone is a mind reader or magician.
8) Chew stress for breakfast, eat victory for dinner.
9) “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot figure it out’, then by all means, FIGURE IT OUT.”  -Anonymous-
10) Deliver every show as if it’s your last, and the audience’s first.

Few extra reasons for you to consider your application now:

✅ We work in a non-corporate studio office environment.
(What do you expect we are a start-up)
✅ We are fans of productivity as opposed to working hours.
✅ We are young (subject to personal definition), energetic and passionate people.
✅ We will love you for expressing your own constructive ideas.
✅ We really care about your career growth hence we will do what it takes to make sure that you are constantly improving.
✅ You will get to watch some cool magic shows. (FYI, we usually charge.)

By now if you think the working styles fit you, congratulations because you are the new janitor we would love to meet you in person, even if it's just to make friend.


‘Sick and tired.’

That’s how we felt after 11 years of career as the award-winning, rapid-growing, versatile and ‘professional’ magicians. It was almost like we were living our dream, except for we were not.

The internet did not just create a bunch of self-taught magicians, but also a large group of well-trained ‘professional’ audiences who constantly demanded for new show contents, on top of the various programs revealing magic secrets. Today, traditional magic show is no longer, magical.

Previously known as The Magic Hub since 2014, Unofficial Magic Sdn Bhd was founded on the principle to disrupt how magic show has been commonly perceived. We aim to evolve and prevail among the traditional ideas by helping our clients to create their dream shows.

As a full-service show production company, we strive to set a new standard in the show business, while we invite you to be part of the force. (Cue the music)