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Sales and Marketing Executive

Sales and marketing
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Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Preferably you have studied subjects like business computing, know a little about computer applications and databases, but you know you prefer meeting people more and relish the chance to prove yourself in the sales and marketing role.

Reporting to sales manager, general manager, and CEO (don't worry, our organisation is flat in our reporting lines), you will be responsible for one or more products whereby you will plan and execute marketing activities, build and pursuit leads, do presentations, participate in proposals, and win the project deals!  During and after the projects, you will also be required to service the accounts, making sure you are always thinking for the customers, solving their issues and winning their trusts.

Our customers are in the banking financial services industry.  Trust is very important, and commitment must be delivered.  You will be working with people from various roles, business to IT, junior to senior executives.

*This job pays a basic, allowance, and also sales commission.

Job Requirements

First, you have to be presentable, pleasing to the eyes.  Second, you have a clear voice that can calm a storm.  Third, you can think and write professionally.  Fourth, you are eager to make a good impression and are never shy to pick up and call the customer to have tea with them anytime.  Lastly, you are smart and fast learner.

Our Culture


At Trisilco, we take pride in solving problems that matter to our clients by integrating the right blend of game-changing customised & disruptive technology, especially in the financial sector.

As a trusted partner to our financial institution clients, we are proud to be their gateway into a brave new world in financial technology.


Trisilco has proven to be a reliable and trusted partner to our clients.

We have an impeccable track record in helping financial institutions smoothen their information generation, flow, and analysis.  This ensures timely and accurate reporting to regulators which comply to stringent requirements.

Our outstanding product and project teams have the depth and breadth of skills in related regulatory compliance subject matters, including those who have actually worked in reporting and submission, credit scoring, and profiling.

Join us on this journey to be a financial technologist.