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Creative Designer

Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

 Looking for a creative designer who is skilled in animation, and video editing. 

        Editorial Design 

  • Providing visual concepts, ideas and designs for print media. 
  • Sourcing, editing and optimizing visual content and materials based on design requirements by the Content Team for related deliverables, ensuring that visuals created meet company and client standards. 
  • Supporting the content team in conceptualizing and developing design ideas for print deliverables, working together with teams to brainstorm on visual content, or organization and development on visual structure. 
  • Able to multitask, working with team members to ensure that required deliverables are able to be met without affecting deadlines 
  • Liaising with media clients as and when deliverables are set for final drop off to ensure any visual amendments that may be required are done before the final submission 

        Company Design 

  • Developing concepts, ideas and designs for all internal visuals in regard to company branding. This includes branding materials, social media posting, website updates and any relevant materials that require visual design 
  • Supporting all internal teams in conceptualization and development of design ideas for company branding, working together with teams to brainstorm on visual content and design approach.
  •  Able to multitask, working with team members to ensure that required deliverables are able to be met without affecting deadlines 
  • Producing creative design solutions and concepts for online (primarily social media and websites) as well as other visual media (GIFs, flash video, etc) 

        Team Management 

  • Ensuring all deliverables mandated under the Design Team is met, honoring set deadlines and ensuring little-to-no delays. 
  • Managing performance and production timelines, working together with various stakeholders to receive and manage deliverables daily to ensure that delays in the production process are avoided or address in a timely manner that minimizes negative impact on deliverables 
  • Ensuring due report is completed & updates to upper management on staff performance and deliverables output is consistently provided 
  • Ensuring smooth delegation of work amongst team members, ensuring that deliverables are able to be effectively managed and provided. 
  • Supporting the completion of design deliverables through effective management of manpower, working to ensure that last-minute design needs can be met in an effective manner that minimizes or avoids negative effects on production timelines. 

Job Requirements

Job Requirement: 

Software Required – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Google Web Designer, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign.

(Added Skills is and advantage : 3DVista/HTML/CSS/GDN)

As a creative lead designer in Times, you are needed to openly commit to learn new things and improve design quality, alongside managing your design team. 

  • Candidate must possess at least an Advanced Diploma in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia or its equivalent. 
  • Candidates with prior design experience within a creative and/or advertising agency are encouraged to apply and will have an advantage. 
  • Candidates must have knowledge in using the required software mentioned. 
  • Creative Suite products are an added advantage. 
  • Organized, with a strong ability to multitask and manage multiple ongoing tasks, meeting standards of quality and timeliness. 
  • Passionate about creative ideation and design, with a keen eye to strategize, identify and develop creative strategies.  
  • Team-player, and able to delegate responsibilities among the team members. 
  • Able to motivate, criticize, and provide clear feedback to the team members.
  • Open to learning new methods of design/software that could motivate and elevate the quality of the design team. 
  • Keep update with new design trends and the innovation of design. 

Our Culture


Times is a full-service media and advertising agency that specializes in providing integrated media marketing and advertising solution. Our priority is to innovate creative solutions that bring out the best in our clients, and in turn make us better.  It’s what makes us unique, driven, ahead of the pack – and keeps our clients coming back. 

Made up of a diverse and ever-expanding cavalcade of creatives, curators, data analysts, strategists, media planners, digital specialists and advertising masterminds, we are dedicated to guiding our partners through the noise and providing solutions at every stage. We're not looking to just showcase our clients, we aim towards making them - and in turn ourselves - memorable name, one that people trust, remember and look for. 

For more information on our brands and services, visit our websites :


At Times, we believe in getting the job done and having some fun while doing it too! More often than not, fun is infused in our work and informs our decisions – we just can’t help it. Team members enjoy company outings, celebrating birthdays and holidays, great benefits, opportunities for growth and progression within the company, as well as regular in-house activities that bring out our lighter side at work. From game nights to hangouts and parties, we strive to make our neck of the woods as exciting, stimulating and rewarding as possible. 
To achieve this balance in performing and partying, we practice the 5 Timeless Rules : 

1) Everyone Sells 
2) We Are the 800-pound Gorilla in the Room
3) We Want to Help You Be Better 
4) Ohana
5) Believe in the Light at the End of the Tunnel

We are an equal-opportunity employer that follows one rule when we look for team members : Passion before Talent. While candidates are abundant in this crowded market, we seek individuals not just with talent, but also passion for what they do - it’s what separates the good from the excellent. We believe teams are only as great as the people that populate it, and we always strive to find, foster and value great people.