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Senior Graphic Designer(s)

Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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About The Job

Phew. Let's take time out from all the other ads, and let's talk about you.

So... like designing? Yeah, we do too.

In fact, we like it a lot. So much that we don't just design designs. We design ideas
What about you?

Do you sometimes stay up working on an idea until you're satisfied with it?
Do you get that buzz inside when you see your work published?
Have you been looking for a place where your ideas get heard, where you get to learn, contribute, and collect portfolios with an interesting story to tell behind each piece?

Yes? You're awesome! Send in your resume and let's turn this opportunity into an exciting journey together!

Job Description:
  • Design ideas and anti-boring creatives
  • Develop, share & exchange ideas with people who debate about who plays a better Batman
  • Assist in the art direction of TVCs and photo shoots

Job Requirements

  • Graduate in the field of Graphic Design / Multimedia / relevant expertise
  • Preferably with at least 1 - 2 years experience
  • Passionate with what you do
  • Want to make a change or difference with your work
  • Willing to learn and give every challenge your best shot
  • Hungry to make a mark, yet patient in effort to get there

Our Culture


Truth is, we're not really an agency. 

We are an anti-boring movement. 

Since theLABEL Ads started in 2008, we've been fuelled by the passion for a kind of unorthodox creativity that cascades from strategic thought to creative idea. This passion drives us so much so that today, it hasn't just become us. It flows in our veins. We've become so allergic to boring that today, we are anti it. 

Because we are anti it, it is what drives us, and makes us much more than just an ad agency. It makes us, an anti-boring movement.

Our Forte : Anti-Boring Advertising, Branding, Campaign Planning
Our Clients : Ranging from automotive to FMCG


  • Opportunity to work with big brands & have them appreciate your work
  • We're not a big team, but a vibrant family with respect for individuality! 
  • Yearly Bonuses, Salary Appraisals & Company Trips + seriously great opportunities for growth