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Web Developer Intern

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Petaling jaya, Selangor

About The Job

  • Design, develop and implement the overall cloud-based, web-based, mobile-focused analytics platform.
  • Coordinate with backend team (big data developer + data scientist) on development and integration of data analytics into the web platform
  • Have fun in a highly dynamic team and drive innovations to continue as a leader in one of the fastest-growing industries

Job Requirements

  • Knowledge in full-stack web design with programming experience in PHP with Laravel framework , JavaScript/HTML5 and AngularJS.
  • Knowledge and experience in database design and programming such as MySQL, MS SQL or NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB)
  • Experience with API architecture and design

Our Culture



To be the world’s top behavioral tracking solution provider for businesses with physical premises.

  • To develop behavioral tracking solutions, leveraging Artificial Intelligence technologies and connected sensors, to capture every consumer interaction touchpoint
  • To provide end-to-end tracking solutions to improve customer experience, enhance security and streamline business operations. 


Tapway is an end-to-end tracking solution provider for businesses to capture consumer behavior and location movements in physical premises.

By leveraging connected sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, businesses can now track behavior of people, vehicles and assets in order to improve customer experience, streamline business operation and enhance security.

Our solution capabilities include:
  1. Tracking mobile device locations via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies
  2. Translating video feeds into intelligence such as people counting, dwell time analysis, vehicle license plate recognition, vehicle flow analysis, face recognition, demographics analysis and much more.
  3. Sending push notification based on location and consumer behavior.

Started humbly in 2014 in Malaysia, Tapway now has more than 1000 sensors in Malaysia and Singapore, and have secured key partnerships with telcos, with many more in the pipeline in over 4 countries in Southeast Asia. Tapway was created by two accomplished technologists from the aerospace industry, Lim Chee How and Justin Loh, who believe that technologies can revolutionize the slow-evolving brick-and-mortar industry to create a much better customer experience.