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Kindergarten Trainee

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Tmn Kebun Teh / JB, Johor

About The Job

Job Description:-
  • Storytelling, Songs & Movement, Activity Organising
  • Cleaning environment, Children's Hygiene Maintenance
  • Classroom Management, Activity/Lesson Preparation, Supervising Enrichment Classes
  • Homework Tracking, Documentation, Progress Follow Up
  • Teaching Material Making, Powerpoint Preparation, Video Editing 
  • Content Research, Worksheets, Book Making

Job Requirements

  1. SPM/Diploma/Bachelor Holders with no prior experience.
  2. Fluent in English, Mandarin (added advantage), BM.

Candidates have to be:-
  1. in good health. 
  2. responsible for their work. 
  3. passionate about learning new things.
  4. take initiative to progress with the school. 
  5. respect seniors and lead juniors.
  6. teachable and accepts feedback.

Our Culture


Taska provides LEARN THRU PLAY in a Montessori environment for children from 2 to 4 years old since 2000. Tadika provides Montessori philosophy integrated academic syllabus, Country Studies and Character Studies for 5 – 6 years old children since 2003. 

We worked with Elite Taekwondo institution, Kids Enterprise Speech and Drama Center, & 24 Festive Drum Association to provide ECA at school.

Reenah Montessori’s Milestone:
2000 - Taska Reenah was founded.
2003 - Tadika Reenah was founded.
2007 - Country Folder Program was founded.
2009 - Reenah Kindergarten 24 Festive Drum was founded.
2010 - Character Building Program was founded.
2018 - Accepted by Harvard University (USA) for Seminar in "Think Tank in                   
           Global Education".
2018 - 30 children and parents visited China Kindergarten together for 
           Cultural Exchange Program.
2019 - Performing 24 Festive Drum in Chingay Lighting Ceremony, JB.
2019 - Working with Australia Kindergarten for Cultural Exchange 


● What’s our mission? 

Connecting children to local and global community with a meaningful childhood memories that's filled with more than academic studies, but knowledge of the world, survival, and servanthood leadership. 

● Our vision:

Touching children's life, so that they could in turn touch other's life as they grow up.

● Our values:

*A SECOND FAMILY that works hand in hand with parents to care for the growth of children like a family member in LEARN THRU PLAY environment.

*A SECOND FAMILY for passionate teachers to grow into the future as a better person each day. Empowering children with the lesson we learned from our own ups and downs, to help them grow stronger in character.