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Graphic Designer (Visual Communicator)

Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Damansara Uptown, Selangor

About The Job

  • Create & ensure cohesive brand identity across all channels.
  • Photoshoot concepts, briefs, direction and delivery.
  • Development of new ideas for brand activation projects that create authentic audience engagement across multiple channels and brand touch-points.
  • Develop creative for seasonal and limited products.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to create new strategies and ideas for social media marketing, EDM, video and website creative.
  • Liasing with operations team and suppliers to ensure a high-quality and consistency is delivered for all our brand assets. 

Job Requirements

Job Requirements
1. Strong hands-on experience across Creative Suite programs: Photoshop, Illustrator is especially crucial. 
2. High attention to detail in producing high-quality artwork for final production. 
3. Decent command of English and Chinese language

1. Extensive experience in a deadline-driven environment.
2. At least 2 years experience as a professional designer / creative. (Senior Appreciated)
3. At least 2 years experience delivering real branding projects and brand collaterals. (Senior Appreciated) 
4. Working experience in eCommerce industry is a plus. 

1. Ability to collaborate, communicate and work directly with multiple departments at any given time.
2. Ability to visualise and present new concepts and designs for review and approval by the team.
3. Problem Solver
Note: We will only consider applicants who submit a portfolio of work.
*Fresh grads are also welcomed to apply

Our Culture


Our culture

Coffee, Fashion, and sustainability.
Do these words pique your interest?
Let’s have coffee! You probably fit in with us!

We are an Australian lifestyle brand that creates and manufactures award winning products.
Our hope is to build a more sustainable/eco-friendly future through fashion and lifestyle.

Check us out!

It all starts here in our think-tank, from saying a word to a click of a button, every move we make is an effort to  reach out to the world. And we do that through our message and products.

Act Local, Think Global.
Our home ground may be Malaysia, but we’re also in Australia, in the States, in Europe .,. at any point of time. We need to know how each culture is uniquely distinct, and in turn what can we do to unite them tomorrow.

Sustainability reinvented.
We are a brand with a vision to "Redesign Sustainability”. Over the course of 2 short years, more than 15 countries have decided to jump on board with us!

We love reinventing ‘BIG’ ideas, we challenge, argue, question and continuously push each other to learn what a sustainable future could look like. Who know? You could bring in a thought that changes the game completely, and we want to hear it.


 It's a big vision, a long journey, and a pretty high calling. 
A big part of what makes our team so highly functional is our shared value system. 
If you think you might be up for this, are you: 

- Family Oriented
- Always curious
- Always helpful / Always serving
- A Problem Solver

Sounds like you? Great! We can’t wait to meet you.