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Community Manager

Marketing - Digital
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Global, Overseas

About The Job

  • Plan, create, and implement multi-channel social media campaigns to support brand growth and maintain consistent messaging.
  • Directly engage with and grow the community across social media, promotional/advertising campaigns, live-streams, contests, and events.  
  • Write diverse copy and create/propose image and video content attract and converse with a broad audience, from hardcore gamers to mainstream casual players.  
  • Coordinate with the Marketing team to ensure all upcoming campaigns and activations are on brand and aligned with strategic plans. 
  • Create, set, and live-by rules and best practices for social channels, campaigns, and events, then monitor and address any negative behavior professionally. 
  • Track community engagement, responses, and reviews of content directly in communication channels. 
  • Create comprehensive reports based on analytics, and on-the-ground feedback to inform future planning and decision-making for the Marketing and Development teams.
  • Stay on top of the industry and popular trends/news/streamers. 
  • Support the wider studio by recognizing opportunities that will benefit the 5 Brands of Streamline Media Group. 

Job Requirements

  • Fluent in written and spoken English. 
  • Proven experience as a Community Manager or similar role in the games industry. 
  • Self-motivated, optimistic, and energetic tech-savvy professional. 
  • CRM/Scheduling Tools knowledge.  
  • Time Management - multiple plates will be spinning, so it will be at your discretion to prioritize tasks and maintain consistency at a bare minimum. 
  • Flexibility: Having a plan in place is imperative. Being able to adjust that plan at any given moment and still get the best out of the situation is far more valuable. Understand the significance of responding in real-time and adapting our content as necessary. 
  • Empathy: A strong EQ is required to maintain a level-head, and a sympathetic ear when handling multiple channels and opinions from all over the world, and from all walks from of life. An ability to ensure our community feels heard and our Devs feel understood, without compromising the brand message.  
  • Communication: A lofty word, but a key factor when representing the face and voice of a brand. How, when, why, where, and what you communicate is reflective of the brand and should remain true to our core objectives.  
  • Creativity: we're looking for a fast-paced, dry-witted, thinks 'outside-the-box' kind of person, who is passionate about finding the best ways to create exciting and engaging content for their community. 
  • Resilience & Patience: the internet is a harsh place, where keyboard warriors reign supreme. Don’t take it personally & always remain professional.
  • Hubspot knowledge
  • Fluency in an additional language (FIGS, Japanese, or Chinese)
  • Adobe Premiere/Photoshop 
  • An existing/relevant community following 

Our Culture


Founded in 2001, we focus on making creatives and innovators succeed. We achieve this through co-dev partnerships and close collaboration at all product stages in external development. 

Delivering great work, partnerships, & experiences with mutual respect.

Exploitation isn't our thing. We believe in creating fair relationships that grow value for everyone involved with respect and dignity.

Delivering the promise. We go all the way to ensure we make good on our commitments and work.

Straight talk. It is what it is and we're not afraid to voice the uncomfortable truths to deliver great work, partnerships, and experiences. 
Interested in becoming a Streamliner? We welcome people from all backgrounds who are committed to being part of the talented and creative Streamline family!


The secret to Streamline’s success and longevity is simple. We invest in people and infrastructure. We maintain a personal touch with our partner across the world. We grow young leaders at a rapid pace and empower an international community of career developers that join us from across the globe. We are also pragmatic from day 1, focusing on results that accelerate our clients. Strong co-developments require forward-thinking and engaged teams on both sides. If our team cultures align, we will become unstoppable.