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Sales (Corporate, Real Estate, Telesales, etc.)
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Taman Intan Klang, Selangor

About The Job

This job position are for those who are highly motivated in gaining more income as well as meeting new people! You are prone to have a skill in communicating with clients and understanding their needs. Here's a description of your job scope:

  • Preparing financial plan according to the client needs
  • Maintaining good relationship with clients by providing high standards of services 

Job Requirements

  1. Candidate must possess at least Diploma/Graduate Diploma in Finance/Accountancy/Banking or equivalent
  2. Required language: Bahasa Malaysia, English
  3. At least 1 year of working experience in the related field is required for this position
  4. Strictly for candidate who have not been recruited and registered as tied agent in the life insurance & Takaful industry before

Our Culture


Our Vision:
- We will build an organization with full of teamwork and team spirit for tomorrow's financial planning for the best interest of our clients. 
- We will recruit the best men and women who has the entrepreneur mindset
- Any person who follow the best system and culture of the organization, will be able to build up their business career and enjoy standard of living. 


- Have ideal working hours to promote work-life balance
- Excellent career development opportunities for employees to be promoted
- Able to build up their business career as well as enjoy better standard of living with their family