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Sales Executive

Sales and marketing
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Ara Damansara, Selangor

About The Job

**Fresh graduate, drop out, LGBT and handicapped personnel without working experience is encouraged to apply.

Do Not Apply If:
  • If you are sad all the time, please do not apply. 
  • Heard of the story turtle vs rabbit race? If you are rabbit or turtle, please do not apply. 
  • If you are looking for comfortable job, please do not apply.
  • If you are not a disciplined person, please do not apply.
  • If you are always waiting to be spoon fed, please do not apply.
  • If you hate to help people, please do not apply.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you are not a hungry person, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.

Job Description:

  • Be a happy & passionate matchmaker between our users in finding house.
  • Process multiple chat or voice enquiries professionally and speedily. 
  • Utilising WhatsApp, call and SMS to liaise with our users in closing a rental deal.
  • Achieve and exceed sales target.

  • Flexible timing and two days in a month work anywhere
  • Basic Salary - RM3,000 a month with commission
  • Training Provided, Excellent Learning Guaranteed
  • A golden opportunity to be part of the high-growth tech startup which transforming Malaysia Rental Industry
  • Easy access to Speedrent's office (located 3-minutes walk away from Lembah Subang LRT)
  • Medical benefits.

Job Requirements

  • Disciplined in executing the given SOP
  • Positive and cheerful personality
  • Highly self-driven and motivated
  • Be goal-driven (Never stop until you gets thing done)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and eager to speak with new people over the phone (No face meeting with clients required)
  • Need to speak Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin along with fluent English.

**Fresh graduate, drop out, LGBT and handicapped personnel without working experience is encouraged to apply.

Our Culture


At Speedrent, we have strong vision to make a difference to property rental industry.

Our culture in a sentence: "Speed to everything but you". We (more specifically only our boss, Whei Meng) ought to think it's cool, but if you can't get it, you are not so cool ;p

OK OK, what does it actually mean? Well... everything that we do, has to execute with SPEED, but when it comes to human relationship (you whom we are dealing with), we can take it slow.

We take time to talk, listen and think. Once we have decided, everything has to move with SPEED!

Core Values:

People say it's hard, but we do it anyway!

Yup, we would rather fail than not trying... #YOLO - god knows how many times we failed, but we just keep pushing... keep pushing.... and pushing... and non stop pushing!

Do it because it's right!

You heard it. Do it because it's the right thing to do. And execute it with speed!


No hanky panky stuff, just full transparent. There is nothing much to say about transparency because anything under sunshine, you can ask. And probably another spin to it, we are all sunshines, happy bunch all day, every-single-day!

Typing too much is pointless until you witness and embrace our mentality. So stop reading, and start applying to get into Speedrent!


Speedrent is an online platform for landlords and tenants to rent directly. With the focus to make the rental process easy, safe and transparent.

Speedrent has exceeded 100,000+ downloads, 25,000+ property listing, 250+ chat enquiries on a daily basis. Our USP - No Deposit Rental - First in the world. We don't like to brag a lot but we are really, really, really proud of this innovation. We have solved so many tenant's financial pain point by eliminating the mandatory security and utility deposit that is irrelevant to today's trend.

We hate to, but have to brag about our innovation to helping landlord filtering tenants too, because again, we are super duper proud of it. We are the first in Malaysia that actually perform background check and credit scoring all tenants who successfully find house in Speedrent. This is especially important to mitigate racial preference and to promote Bangsa Malaysia while at the same time reduce rental defaults by up to 70%. This means that we bring quality tenants to landlord.

Bragging too much felt like blowing our own trumpet, OKOK enough bragging. But seriously, we have so many more innovations under the hood, but of all, the No Deposit Rental and Credit Scoring Tenant are the most important milestone that we have achieved. Unheard of in the industry.

People say it's hard, but we do it anyway!