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Graphic Designer in Betacard

Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

As a Graphic Designer with Betacard, you’ll be honing your skills using familiar software in a brand-new and exciting space. We work in a teamwork-driven environment, where you’ll be able to bounce creative ideas with experienced seniors – and accelerate your learning process and development as a designer. 

As a startup, we expect that you will be able to quickly adapt your ideas to a range of creative scenarios, and be ready to complete tasks promptly to the best of your ability.

The type of work you will be engaged in will mainly cover marketing and commercial-related collateral, to be delivered over social media and digital channels.

Job Requirements

  • You will primarily be designing commercial and marketing related collaterals across different platforms, ranging from social media posts to promotional emails. Detailed design requirements will be given from Marketing.
  • Candidate must be fluent in English and be comfortable in short copywriting or editing written content.
  • Ability and courage to communicate design ideas and opinions clearly to managers
  • Be skilled in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, with the flexibility to learn and use other software such as Sketch.
  • Be able to recognise and deliver high-impact copywriting in English curated for a particular target audience.
  • Be a good communicator - sharing of your thoughts and ideas is crucial. 

Our Culture


At Snappymob, you'll get to create exceptional products while being immersed in a culture where quality is put on a pedestal. You'll be working closely with team members who have high standards and care about doing things well.

We expect all of our people to make an impact — no matter what their role, level of experience, or background. If we hire you, it means we believe you have a large capacity to contribute to our work and culture. You have to be prepared to soak up knowledge and make use of it every day.

You'll be pushed hard, and we expect you to push us just as hard. Not only do we expect you to teach the rest of us something, we expect you to inspire us.

In return you'll learn, grow, and supercharge your craft and career more than you thought possible.

  • Excellent compensation.
  • Great benefits and perks.
  • Flexible hours and holidays.
  • Health insurance plan.
  • Independence in your work.
  • Opportunity to learn from and supercharge your career with a talented team. Our people have created open source libraries using by the biggest names in tech, and won Google Design Awards.

We embrace diversity at Snappymob. We hire and provide opportunities based on merit, capability, and drive. We value and welcome different cultures and different opinions.


Snappymob is an expert mobile and web app agency. We create impactful digital products that combine top-notch design with well written software. We work hard to help our clients achieve success – while providing them honest, no-nonsense advice. We develop iOS, Android, and web apps of the highest quality.

We're a place for people who are obsessive about what they do, who relish the minutiae, who love great user experiences, and who enjoy chiseling away at hard challenges with teammates.

We are not changing the world or revolutionize industry here. Instead, we aim to do good work that (i) fulfills us, (ii) makes our customers and users happy, and (iii) grow better while doing it.

  • Our own apps are Best of App Store recipients.
  • Worked with the best known broadcast media brands in Malaysia.
  • Helped our client win the Huawei Challenge Award.
  • We launched Malaysia's 1st CarPlay app for BFM 89.9.
  • We work on projects for clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, the Netherlands, South Korea,  the United States.
  • Our clients are comprised of well known companies: including The Star, Dimsum, CIMB Foundation, BFM 89.9, CoinGecko, Shell, Tropicana,, Samsung, and PropertyGuru.
  • Our works and people have been featured in local and international media including Astro, The Star, The New Straits Times, The Malaysian Insider, The Malay Mail Online, The Edge, Focus, and Tech in Asia.}