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Internship (IT/ Multimedia/Marketing)

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Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Who will love this job

A standout colleague, you’re always happy to support your peers and teammates; no job is too small for you.

A problem-solver, you’re comfortable with big-picture problems and savvy in breaking down big problems to quickly connect the dots.

A walk-the-talk attitude, you’d get things done and comfortable in a fast-paced dynamic environment. We work on project-based, sprint cycles.

An excellent communicator, you have a knack for delivering succinct technical information to an audience of different backgrounds. We work with other Shopline teams across Asia.

We're looking for interns to join us! We welcome diversity and actively seek applicants who can bring a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to the team. If you are interested in one of the following internship opportunities, get in touch with us!
(1) Software Engineering Intern
(2) Marketing Intern
(3) Graphic / Multimedia Design Intern


(1) Software Engineering Intern

We're looking for software engineering interns to join our SHOPLINE Malaysia team and help develop applications with high usability and aesthetic values. As an engineer at SHOPLINE, you'll collaborate with teams from other SHOPLINE branches across Asia:
  • Develop new frontend and/or backend features on our web applications
  • Craft and implement microservices designs on cloud platforms
  • Learn to integrate with third-party services such as our partners and public APIs
  • Talking through designs for new features with our product and design teams

(2) Marketing Intern
  • Strategize various growth initiatives and marketing campaigns
  • Participate in online and offline marketing campaigns.
  • Work closely with the Marketing team to ensure partnership initiatives are implemented as planned.
  • Analyze data reports and research market statistics, trends, news and social media content for strategic use.
  • Perform telemarketing calls to list of prospects so to invite guests to our or our clients' events.

(3) Graphic / Multimedia Design Intern
  • Perform all scheduled and adhoc tasks during the tenure of your internship related and non-related with graphic and/or multimedia design.
  • Expect to produce and/or be taught motion graphics, videomaking, all visuals related to social media marketing and content, and print design necessary for our offline marketing efforts.
  • Assist and report to the Creative Manager in order to fulfil his instructions during working hours on a daily basis
  • Demonstrate a keen sense of creativity and flair for design, so be a problem-solver, self-learner and self-starter.

Job Requirements

(1) Software Engineering Intern
  • Majoring in a related field (ex: Comp Sci, Software Eng, Comp Eng, IT)
  • Have a good academic standing: CGPA above 3.0
  • Proficient with at least 2 of these languages (JavaScript, Ruby, Python, HTML/CSS)
  • Familiarity with object-oriented programming and functional programming concepts
  • Have a basic understanding of Git
Bonus points: 
  • Experienced in SPA JavaScript framework (ex. Angular, Vue, React).
  • Experienced in NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, or Django frameworks

(2) Marketing Intern
  • Majoring in a related field (ex: Business Administration)
  • Have a good academic standing: CGPA above 3.0
  • Confidence in presenting and sharing your innovations to a large community
  • Have keen attention to detail, and be well organized.
  • Possess strong analytical thinking abilities, and excellent communication skills.
  • Desire to accomplish wonderful things in a team within given timeframes.
  • Fluency in English and Malay

(3) Graphic / Multimedia Design Intern
  • Show willingness to learn
  • A sense of job ownership
  • Desire to accomplish wonderful things in a team within given timeframes
  • Your own laptop
  • Fluency in English and Malay

Important Notes: Please indicate which position you would like to apply in "your short summary"(profile). Thanks! 

Our Culture


  • Our team is smart, friendly, self-driven, and passionate about the work we do.
  • We work in a collaborative open space where we encourage creativity and ideas flow freely.
  • You’ll be able to steer the future roadmap to improve our products, big or small, and see the results of your products reach our customers.
  • Get to work with flexible working hours. Our priority is on getting the job done.
  • Flat structure environment, you will be able to work independently and make your own choices.
  • We provide guidance and mentorship to polish your technical skills as well as your entrepreneurship mindset.
  • Ability to deploy and launch your work daily. No need to wait for lengthy management approval.


Founded in 2013, SHOPLINE’s mission is to build an e-commerce platform where merchants can create their own online shop and provide the best shopping experience to their customers. SHOPLINE’s system allows merchants to quickly and easily create their own online shops that could be viewed on all mobile devices. It also comes with comprehensive features such as order and inventory management systems, payment and logistics systems, design themes, shop analytics tools, promotion tools, plus integration with various 3rd party services.
With our excellent team, we were accepted into the Silicon Valley-based 500 Startups accelerator in 2014. We were also one of the first startups invested by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund in 2016. Our team is agile and we provide benefits and support comparable to overseas startups. If you are interested in e-commerce or working in a startup environment, come talk to us!