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Head of Growth

Sales & Marketing
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Subang Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

Position Summary
Sevenvault is on the lookout for a highly capable leader who is passionate about
establishing impeccable communication between brands and personalities. The key
objective of this position is to lead the company’s overall operations and be the right-hand
man to our Director. This position requires someone who is familiar with all areas of the
business and can coordinate processes and operations across the organization.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Drive growth and increase profitability of the Company by consistently develop and implement scalable and efficient revenue growth strategies.
  • Drive day-to-day business operations and monitor each department including Business Development, Operations, Finance and Admin by providing expert guidance whenever deem necessary.
  • Drive and maintain Company’s culture.
  • Attract, retain and develop world-class talent in the Company.
  • Manages good relationships between the Company and external clients. Bring in qualified new business through networks of client contacts.
  • Ability to monitor and analyze reasons behind Company’s profit and loss and budget accordingly.
  • Report updates to Director regarding progress on strategic goals and implementations of these strategies.

Job Requirements

  • 6-8 years of experience leading and scaling a start-up, preferably company with <50 employees.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business, Economic or any related field. Masters in Business Administration would be of an advantage.
  • Strong analytical ability, excellent communication skills, outstanding organizational skills, problem-solving aptitude, strategic thinker and effective leadership skills.
  • Ability to act as mediator and manages conflict tactfully with internal and external stakeholders.

Our Culture


We are Sevenvault - a content marketing company that provides strategic content planning, ideation and solutions for brands with the aim to spark awareness & talk ability via online or offline media platforms, or both. 

• Content Marketing • Digital Advertising • Event Ideation • PR Initiatives • Campaign Curation • Branding Exercise • Social Media Marketing 

Some may ask why Sevenvault?
‘’Seven’’ is a representation of completion and perfection, whereas “Vault” denotes a place of storage or chamber. Through these dual combination brings forth the driving force towards a wholesome content creation and execution experience.
- To establish a seamless communication between brands and personalities whereby individual and collective objectives are attainable.
- To help businesses grow, to help people grow.

- To empower brands by becoming a hub for content creation and conveying brand messages to the desired parties. 
- To establish a seamless communication between brands and personalities whereby individual and collective objectives are attainable. 
- To Educate. Educate influencers. Educate clients. Educate the public. 


  • Treat others the way you want others to treat you (Helping one another be it clients, talents, teammates)
  • Spirit of Excellence (always go the extra mile) 
  • Be intentional in all that you do, don’t do it for the sake of doing it 
  • Always empower each other 
  • Be responsible & accountable in every decision made 

  • In every decision we make, always put yourself in the shoes of others 
  • Always think one step ahead before making any decision 
  • Always ask if you are unclear; Do not assume, always ask!