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Rotiboy - Cafe Manager

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SHAH ALAM, Selangor

About The Job

Sales, Reporting, and Financial Responsibility
  • Top-down communication from corporate officers. Communicate with supervisors/leadership team to maintain same practices and secure policy and procedure at all levels of the operation. Communicate store goals to team effectively and motivate others.
  • Monitor and maintain healthy inventory levels, and storage efficiency. Communicate with HQ-vendors to maintain business working relationship and logistics efficiency. 
  • Responsible for ensuring that all financial duties and reporting are completed accurately, including all administrative tasks and personnel activities.
  • Seek to increase sales, monitors weekly and monthly P&L data and works to increase bottom-line profits.
  • Seek to grow customer base and increase store traffic by leading promotions within and outside the store as well as maintaining functional, efficient, pleasant store environment and high-quality food and beverage offerings.
  • Report performance information to corporate officers.
  • Help to organize marketing efforts, including overseeing social media presence, completion of sampling and seasonal promotional goals and events, and interfacing with various groups, school and organizations to grow customer base.
Leadership and Team Organization
  • Leads and model overall culture, values, mission, and spirit of the company. Is knowledgeable about the ideals and principles of Rotiboy and ensures that our story is appropriately conveyed by staff and store environment.
  • Create, adjust, and implement training plans for new employees following the Rotiboy SOP materials. Ensure full understanding and regularly observes and coaches staff on their performance, celebrating successes as well as discussing and offering suggestions if more feedback is needed.
  • With management team, performs annual employee reviews and conducts ongoing coaching and training sessions to ensure high levels of performance.
  • Oversees store staffing levels and assists in hiring and promotion assessments. Organizes rosters to ensure adequate staffing.
  • Models proper attendance, punctuality, customer service, and overall attitude.
  • Help to create positive, enthusiastic, and well-trained store culture by providing an informed, honest, and optimistic example for the team. 
  • Respond appropriately to ideas, concerns, complaints, and comments from management and staff.
Quality of Products, Functionality, Safety, and Store Appearance
  • Oversee and execute effective communication between staff to ensure that food and beverage offerings are fresh, labeled appropriately, and kept well-stocked. 
  • Guide direction of new seasonal food and beverage offerings and contributes any skills and ideas for new items.
  • Ensure that all company and store standards, guidelines, and procedures are communicated and followed by staff at all times. Model all rules and policies and maintain food safety features and security of café and bakery operations.
  • Communicate food safety features and hazards to team.
  • Ensure store appearance is maintained at all times, including café seating area, pickup stations, product displays, preparation bar counters, and kitchen.
  • Ensure proper equipment functionality and perform or enforce completion of regular equipment maintenance. Utilize resources and available information to troubleshoot when equipment errors occur; responds in a timely and reasonable fashion to problems.
  • Maintain, model, and coach on speed of service and organize employees to maintain the most efficient floor-plan and deployment for serving customers.

Job Requirements

Your Competencies & Expertise
  • Qualification in hospitality / catering desirable.
  • 2+ years kitchen (baking/cooking) experience.
  • 2+ years bar (barista) experience. 
  • 3+ years’ experience in food & beverage management. 
  • Track record in generating revenue and business development.
  • Experience of managing budgets, stock and cost control.
  • Experience of leading and motivating a team, including recruitment, training.
  • Knowledge in food preparation & menu composition.
  • Knowledge in Health & Safety, food hygiene, licensing laws and cash handling. 
  • Competent IT, numeracy & literacy skills
Your Character & Aptitude 
  • Passion for great food and drink.
  • Commitment to excellent customer service
  • Ability to work quickly while remaining welcoming and friendly to customers.
  • Entrepreneurial, able to spot issues and opportunities quickly.
  • Confident communicator, able to remain calm under pressure.
  • Self-motivated and efficient in time management.
  • Ability to work independently and know when to involve others.
  • Committed to contributing to and achieving the Rotiboy mission of "Touching lives, Making a positive difference."
  • Open minded & Creative problem solver.
  • Strict in enforcing policies and timelines. 
  • Be proactive and Committed to personal growth and learning.

Our Culture


Rotiboy, as an institution is the realization of a desire by the founder to build something to improve his life and at the same time able to contribute to and make a positive difference to the people around him.

In this respect, serving and contributing to society and community is part of the values of the culture of Rotiboy, with the aspiration to touch and make a positive difference to the lives of the people of this world. 

Putting people interests before any commercial interests is the foundation of our business. 

It is also about building a culture that creates a conducive environment for learning and personal development and growth where we always seeking to push boundaries for a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come,  walk the talk, being consistent in values and being responsible for each of our own choices. 

It is about Rotiboy’s constant dedication to a culture of Excellence in all aspects in the bakery and retail industry, serving safe, quality products with personal and warm service. 

It is being honest and transparent with our business partners and associates in all dealings so as to ensure all parties benefits from any collaboration. Sharing challenges and harvest is our partnership philosophy. 

It is about practicing nature and earth friendly policies and practices so as to play our small part in preserving the planet for future generations. 

It is about practicing the Values of Integrity, Honesty, Responsibility and Morality in our daily lives in serving the needs of Rotiboy Friends, Fans and Community.


Rotiboy started of as a Malaysian bakery chain brand based in Kuala Lumpur. Founded in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia in 1998, driven by the Founder’s purpose in building an organisation that not only make life better for himself but also for the people and community around him, the brand has since grown internationally, serving freshly baked products in over 200 stores in Indonesia, South Korea, Middle East and China. 

We anticipate that the future will bring us to shores of more Asian markets and also to the American and European markets.