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IT Lead

Information technology
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Rawang, Selangor

About The Job

You'll be expected to understand the businessʼ goals, and developing infrastructure to support those goals. Youʼll oversees and maintains inventory for all technology-based assets, development of proprietary software applications, integration of 3rd party software, and directly manages 3rd party development partners and personnel employed in the department.

Ultimately, you are passionate about supporting the people & business operations to be more productive, connected, and efficient with your up-to-date knowledge in information, system, and technology.

Your Mission
Success Outcome #1 : Improve Business Management Practices to transform service delivery from front-end to back-end.
Key Responsibilities Areas: 
  • Improve existing IT business systems infrastructure through integration and modernization. 
  • Provide day to day operations and application support to internal users, including client PC troubleshooting within the organization which also includes support to all retail outlets as and when required. 
  • Using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to reduce redundancies in core business platforms, and ensure efficient and effective performance of core business functions. 
  • Evaluates and recommends changes or additions to the company information systems infrastructure, communicates with all staff to address needs, and evaluates the efficiency of end-user systems.
  • Running regular checks on network and data security. 
  • Local server and software solution administration.
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting to all users in HQ and in Outlet. 

Success Outcome #2 : Digitisation : Rotiboy e-Commerce Website, and APP Key Responsibilities Areas: 
  • Coordinating and Managing the development of an e-commerce platform that compliments the Retail sales.
  • Manage relationship and primary communications with Marcom department and other 3rd Party service partners, and other relevant key stakeholders to enhance the Rotiboy e-commerce Website & end-user experience. 
  • Assist as needed with other management and corporate programs and initiatives.

Success Outcome #3 : Digitisation : User Learning Portal and Corporate Resource Centre
Key Responsibilities Areas: 
  • Leading the Digitisation Project to support Rotiboy business operation.
  • Responsible for identifying and implementing the learning management system and corporate resource centre. 

Here are some of the routine and adhoc accountabilities for HQ and Outlets: 

  1. Routine @ Headquarters - Rawang
  • Data Security Management
  • CCTV management
  • Back-up management
  • Domain / hosting management 
  • Software subscription (if any)
  • Hardware leasing (if any) 

2. Routine @ Outlet- Retail 
  • Software subscription renewal (retail) 

3. Project / Ad-hoc @ Headquarters – Rawang
  • General tech support
  • POS administration
  • IT asset management
  • Email account management
  • Staff IT equipment management
  • Cloud form updating
  • Vendor liaison

4. Project / Ad-hoc @ Outlet- Retail
  • General tech support
  • POS deployment
  • New Store Opening (NSO) support 

Job Requirements

 To land this job you will need to show your proven ability to, and or possess the following: 
  • A bachelorʼs degree in Information Technology or Computer Science is required.
  • 5 years of related work experience, with 2 or more in a management position, is also required. 
  • 3+ years of ERP implementation experience. 
  • Past experience in an F&B, Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Warehouse is an added advantage.
  • Prior experience in e-commerce platform management. 
  • Prior experience in implementing a Warehouse Management System.
  • Excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis, and computer hardware/software systems.
  • Expertise in data centre management and data governance.
  • Knowledge in e-Learning Knowledge base System. 
  • Hands-on experience with computer networks, network administration, and network installation.
  • Project management experience is a must-have.  
  • Ability to manage personnel.
  • Ability to work both independently and, in a team-oriented.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with people at every level and in every department are essential.  
  • Ability to travel around Klang Valley and Outstation (to Outlets) as and when required.

Our Culture


Rotiboy started of as a Malaysian bakery chain brand based in Kuala Lumpur. Founded in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia in 1998, driven by the Founder’s purpose in building an organisation that not only make life better for himself but also for the people and community around him, the brand has since grown internationally, serving freshly baked products in over 200 stores in Indonesia, South Korea, Middle East and China. 

We anticipate that the future will bring us to shores of more Asian markets and also to the American and European markets. 


Rotiboy, as an institution is the realization of a desire by the founder to build something to improve his life and at the same time able to contribute to and make a positive difference to the people around him.

In this respect, serving and contributing to society and community is part of the values of the culture of Rotiboy, with the aspiration to touch and make a positive difference to the lives of the people of this world. 

Putting people interests before any commercial interests is the foundation of our business. 

It is also about building a culture that creates a conducive environment for learning and personal development and growth where we always seeking to push boundaries for a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come,  walk the talk, being consistent in values and being responsible for each of our own choices. 

It is about Rotiboy’s constant dedication to a culture of Excellence in all aspects in the bakery and retail industry, serving safe, quality products with personal and warm service. 

It is being honest and transparent with our business partners and associates in all dealings so as to ensure all parties benefits from any collaboration. Sharing challenges and harvest is our partnership philosophy. 

It is about practicing nature and earth friendly policies and practices so as to play our small part in preserving the planet for future generations. 

It is about practicing the Values of Integrity, Honesty, Responsibility and Morality in our daily lives in serving the needs of Rotiboy Friends, Fans and Community.