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Graphics / Multimedia Designer

Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

  • You apply your multi talents to develop and design ideas relevant to consumers.
  • You develop creative solutions through visuals, design and multimedia for client’s brands with different mix of communications media.
  • You get to learn directly from people who know their trade, craft and art.
  • We have a system of teaching that has churned out professionals of high calibre.
  • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

  • 您可以应用您的才艺以创造和设计出与消费者相关的理念.
  • 您可以通过视觉,设计和多媒体为客户的品牌开发创意解决方案,同时应用不同的通信媒体组合.
  • 您可以直接向精通贸易,工艺和艺术的人学习.
  • 我们有一个培训系统,培养出高素质的专业人才.
  • 我们鼓励应届毕业生申请.

Job Requirements

  • Proficiency in Mandarin would be an added advantage
  • Bring your motivation 
  • A passion for hard work 
  • An attitude for learning
  • We expect professionals and you will be treated as such
  • Required software knowledge: illustrator, photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Dreamweaver

  • 需要有工作动力
  • 需要有热情于努力工作
  • 需要有不停学习的态度
  • 我们期望你的专业也会对待你似个专业人士
  • 必须掌握的软件:Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Dreamweaver

Our Culture


Roar Point is a boutique brand consultancy, advertising and creative agency founded by 2 partners who have more than 40 years of experience in the marketing communications industry. What’s a brand consultancy? To us, quite simply, every brand seeks to build intimacy with their consumers, and we help build that relationship.
Our small, closely knit team works together to provide handmade customised solutions to unique challenges. We love to have fun at what we do best and we look for great marketing clients to do this with. We believe it is more important to stay true to our principles and attract like-minded people to create great work with. And have fun doing it along the way. 


Apprenticeship - that’s how we work. We are looking for a good candidate who will apprentice with us. To learn directly from people who know their trade, craft and art. We have a tough system of teaching that has churned out highly sought candidates. At the very least, we promise you a good experience if you bring with you motivation, a can-do attitude and a belief in good old fashion hard work. We work closely with key decision makers, providing strategic counsel on effective communications solutions. It is the core to what we do. It’s hard work (but rewarding). 
Work hard, play hard. We’re a small, closely knit team. That means working together closely (not via phone calls to different floors, or long walks to the other side of the office. We have food outings occasionally, and a small “power corner” to burn off those extra calories. If you’re ready to join the hustle, and have fun while doing it, then you’re more than welcome to send us an application.