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Video Producer & Marketing Manager

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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

Founded in Hong Kong in early 2017, is a Messaging CRM that provides businesses with the tools needed to chat with customers across several messaging apps.

Role Description
At, this position is a pillar of our growth strategy. We are seeking a creative and fast-paced individual with a high level of attention to detail. You will be responsible for generating educational & how-to videos for Youtube. Along with managing the promotion of these videos and other content on social media. You should have an eye for design to ensure videos stay and brand and some writing experience to ensure the content is easy to understand. A little nerdiness when it comes to analytics to help increase engagement and conversion won't hurt either.

  • Manage our social marketing presence with goals of building brands, engaging customers, and growing our business
  • Brainstorm video concepts, create storyboards, and write video scripts.
  • Own the end-to-end process of video production including writing, filming, editing, publishing & optimizing.
  • Generate and manage social media campaigns by breaking down long-form content into smaller content.
  • Monitor, maintain, and respond to Facebook Groups and other communities where users gather
  • Monitor, analyze and report KPIs while optimizing and iterating on campaigns

Job Requirements

  • 1-3 years experience in a role with similar responsibilities.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills are very important.
  • Comfortable working on a team with an experimental and agile mindset.
  • Ability to juggle multiple priorities and excel in a lean work environment.
  • Candidate with long-form writing or scriptwriting experience preferred.
  • Video editing experience on Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro is a must.
  • Working knowledge of social media platforms is a must.
  • Bachelor's degree in Advertising, Mass Communications, or similar certification is preferred, but demonstrative experience and success just as good;

Here's what's in for you!
  • You will become part of an amazing culture with smart teammates who actually care
  • You will grow more here than you would anywhere else, that is a promise
  • Pizza parties, birthday cakes, social events (Laser tag, go-cart, paintball), you'll always be looking forward to it!
  • Are you a Play Station fan? It gets fun when you get to beat your colleague on a FIFA game at the office!
  • A+ employees deserve to be paid well. You'll get to experience a very competitive compensation
  • You'll be covered exclusively on one of the highest medical and dental insurance especially for you
  • Unlimited snacks in our specially dedicated snack room. Oreos, KitKats, Gummy Bears, Chips, Biscuits, Nuts, Snickers ... you name it, we have it.
  • You'll be entitled to stock options with terms and condition
  • Flexible working environment and working hours
  • Free breakfast!

Our Culture



We work tirelessly to remain a dynamic force and be ahead of the curve.


It’s not about the hours you put in, it’s about the outcomes.


There’s something magical about getting communication just right, we’re after that feeling.


We know our partners and clients rely on us, and we deliver.

Here's what's in for you...

🏥Medical Insurance 
🦷Dental Insurance 
☕️Our own dedicated Barista & unlimited coffee
💻MacBook Pro 
🍺Free Beers daily! 
🥞Weekly breakfast 
🛌Nap room
🚿Shower room 
🎮PlayStation for FIFA games with colleagues 
🎲Game Lounge 
🎯Monthly team social events
🍕Pizza Parties 
🍫Unlimited snacks in our dedicated snack room!
🎂Birthday celebrations
💰Competitive stock options & salary


Founded in Hong Kong in early 2017, is a Messaging CRM that provides businesses with the tools needed to chat with customers across several messaging apps.

Our mission is to improve the relationships between businesses and their customers.

With over 4 billion messaging accounts worldwide, people spend more time messaging than any other activity online. This shift, combined with the power of conversation at scale, creates an opportunity to make interacting with the brands easier, more immediate, and ultimately more productive.
As consumers grow to demand personal communication on a wide variety of channels, businesses are looking to their software vendors and partners to innovate and deliver these customer experiences.
We’re here to make customer communication simple, engaging & fruitful.

The team brings together years of experience building messaging products and business-to-business software companies. We believe in personal interactions at scale as the primary form of communication between businesses and customers. In everything we do, we strive to build the best possible product and empower businesses to create delightful experiences for all their customers