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Creative - Visual Design (Graphics, Interior, UI/UX, etc.)
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Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

About The Job

The job role will require your creativity in designing and implementing posters and banners to be promoted on various social media platforms.

Job Requirements

  • Develop visually engaging graphics along with visual and audio concepts for the purpose of product illustrations and logos.
  • Present design drafts to the relevant managers and must be flexible in incorporating any feedback given into future designs.
  • Create attractive e-mail marketing campaigns for customers.
  • Come up with fresh creative ideas and concepts for the on behalf of the company.
  • Must be willing to coordinate with the Marketing team to design promotional banners and slogans which will be integrated into the larger marketing campaign.

Our Culture


Syarikat Pustaka Chiew was founded in 1985  and later changed to Pustaka Chiew Sdn Bhd in 2001. It started from a 300 sq ft retail unit and shifted to a 3 storey building as regional HQ in 1992. Started in 1996, we started to open branches in Northern Selangor and Southern Perak region. We were focusing on the school revision book business until ew explored the huge Chinese Mainland market in 2000. Since then, we started our transformation from book shop to stationeries and premium products store outlets. Currently, we have 15 outlets and 150 employees to support our operations. We only hire local employees at our facilities to contribute to the local economy and lower the area’s unemployment rate.

In 2021, we pivoted a new brand called This new brand will utilize the concept of omnichannel retailing to provide a seamless shopping experience to consumers. We are currently focusing on the online channel of our distribution and venturing into same-day delivery for stationery online shopping. 

Our vision is to make stationery shopping fast and convenient in the comfort of our own spaces at a very attractive pricing. 


We are a traditional business company with a startup mentality. We encourage innovation in our company. You are working with the youngest team of the company, the innovative department. You are reporting directly to a Silicon Valley educated young and energetic co-founder and Director of Corporate Strategy and Innovation.