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Creative Content Writer

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Subang , Selangor

About The Job

If you are excellent in executing successful social media campaigns, are addicted to new social media platforms and tools, and have keen eyes on the latest social media trend, we want to speak with you!

The main responsibilities are; 
  • To find viral and interactive content to create inspiring stories for the target market. 
  • Creating and publishing daily contents to build meaningful connections and engagement for each specific network.
  • Social Media Management - You will be overseeing several platforms to engage with customers and opportunities, assist with posting marketing content.
  • Creating Instagram and Facebook campaigns that drive users to take action 
  • Monitoring current trend in social media and adapting it Psang social media channels. 

Job Requirements

  1. You must be a wordsmith with a professional touch and your content is crafty. 
  2. At least 2 - 3 years of experience in content creating. 
  3. Detail-oriented and ability to work with minimal supervision 
  4. Photo editing skill is a major plus point
  5. Interested candidates, may email your CV and portfolio to [email protected] 

Our Culture


Fun and work hands in hands can go a long way – as the saying goes, enjoy your job and you never had to work a day in your life. We believe that pleasure in the job put perfection in the work. 

Unlock your true potential with us - Working is a small startup required more than the skill you have learned in school. In here, you are able to push your boundaries, and nurture your talent from your professional standpoint.

Positive Team Environment and Family Spirit – We spent 8 hours or more at work daily, in here, we treat everyone like families and help each other overcome the hurdle you face.


In 2017, our founder, Jeff Chin, visited the world’s largest condom factory in Malaysia while he was still working as a DJ for MY FM. He was surprised to find that even though they were able to produce many different types of condoms, but there wasn’t any innovative product in the Malaysian market.

He then quit his job, determined to revitalize the condom market in Malaysia with a vision to launch a brand centered around consumers' needs. After traveling all over the world, researching different materials and packaging methods, he discovered a unique design that will revolutionize the Malaysia condom industry.

And so P’sang was born, being Malaysia’s first buttercup condom brand

Working with a strong team of experts and visionary investors, P’sang spent months on Research and Development, Compliance Tests, User Experience surveys, and conducted numerous other tests to ensure that we are making products that can play well as to challenge the current condom industry and create new experiences to our users.