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Business Development Executive

Sales and marketing
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About The Job

  • Generating leads.
  • Establish the needs of prospective clients.
  • SERVE all prospective and existing clients.
  • Negotiating all contracts with prospective clients.
  • Helping determine pricing schedules for quotes, promotions, and negotiations.
  • Preparing weekly and monthly reports.
  • Giving sales presentations to a range of prospective clients.
  • Coordinating sales efforts with marketing programs.
  • Understanding and promoting company programs.
  • Obtaining deposits and balance of payment from clients.
  • Preparing and submitting sales contracts for orders.
  • Visiting clients and potential clients to evaluate needs or promote products and services.
  • Maintaining client records.
  • Answering client questions about credit terms, products, prices and availability.

Job Requirements

  • Must have PHD. Poor Hungry Driven.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, economics or related field.
  • Experience in sales.
  • Understanding of the sales process and dynamics.
  • A commitment to excellent customer service.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Superb interpersonal skills, including the ability to quickly build rapport with both customers and suppliers.
  • Experience using computers for a variety of tasks.
  • Competency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Able to work comfortably in a fast paced environment.

Our Culture


Our Mission:
1. LEAD by example.
2. EMPOWER real estate professionals.
3. INSPIRE people to succeed in the real estate.

Our Vision:
To build Real Estate Business Leaders who EMPOWER each other to IMPACT and BUILD the communities around them.

1. Ownership
2. Win-Win-Win
3. Teamwork
4. "I never know"
5. Excellence
6. Communication
7. "Figure it out"
8. Integrity
9. Clarity
10. Innovation
11. Build to Scale
12. Sense of Humor
13. Gratitude
14. Sharing is caring

In your words, how would you define our points of culture above?

At PropCoach, we are a single unit. And we understand that we are all different. But it is our unique and individual talents and abilities which make us STRONG.

So, tell us. What can YOU bring to the table? 


Change the World through Real Estate 

Let’s start with TWO FACTS about Real Estate. 

1.       EVERYONE needs Real Estate 
2.       Real Estate is one of the most EXPENSIVE assets in the world 

Real Estate professionals meet people from ALL walks of life, from people who struggle to find a roof over their heads to people who buy property for fun. Whoever they deal with, it takes a GREAT deal of INFLUENCE to get someone to part with a SIGNIFICANT amount of money in exchange for property. 

Have you also taken notice of this other fact? 

The GREATEST Leaders around the world have the greatest influence. 

Connecting these dots, and like you’ve never seen before, we truly believe Real Estate Professionals have a profound influence on society. After all, Real Estate is a relationship business. And to understand business, you have to understand People. 

And this is our WHY at PropCoach. To create Real Estate Business Leaders who empower each other to impact and build the communities around them. 

Through our programs and services, we coach and train our customers to become the best that they can be, to lead by example, and create an income unlike you’ll find in any other industry. It’s about balance, but not the work life balance you typically hear about. We work with our customers to understand the POWER of our MINDS and WORDS, all while teaching them to implement best business practices and strategies to take their Real Estate businesses to the next level.   

Simply put, we are here to change the World through Real Estate. This is our LEGACY.

The ball is in your court...

What will you choose?